Monday, July 18, 2011

Snoring moment

The best moment in my marriage is perhaps hearing the snores from Mr.Yap. It means...

1. He is still alive
2. He is at home
3. He is sleeping 'soundly' literally
4. He is not hooked onto his computer game in the wee hours
5. He will love me more when he wakes up (ok, I made this up...but who knows??)

It may sound weird, but this is indeed my best moment in my marriage.

What is your best moment?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gosh.... Where have I been for past 13 months...

Gosh... Where have I been for past 13 months?

One word: Motherhood.

Ever since wearing the new hat of 'Mummy' on 10 June 2010, everyday is a fresh day awaiting excitement to happen (or accident? Ha ha... poo poo accident I mean). Waiting for baby's first smile, first laugh, first flip, first crawl, first walk, first 'mama'....

Yeah, I've been waiting for JH to say 'mama' until my neck is as long as giraffe. Still, he would just stick to 'papa' or 'kia kia' (Where did he learn the word kia kia from? Hmmmm..... walk walk maybe? in Hokkien?)

Anyway, just wanna keep my blog breathing. Wouldn't want to say to keep my blog 'alive', just breathing...

By the way, JH wanna say hi to everyone...