Sunday, April 11, 2010

Start making your CPF nomination TODAY!

You know why?

Because I've just read this today:

Q: How will my CPF savings be distributed under the intestacy laws?
A: If you are non-Muslim, the Public Trustee will distribute your CPF savings in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act (Cap 146). Your CPF savings will be distributed to your family in the following manner as shown here.

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse (no children, no parent)
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (whole)

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse, children
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (1/2), Children (1/2 to be shared equally)

Member Dies Leaving: No spouse, no children, no parent, no brother or sister, no grandparent, no uncle or aunt
Distributed to (Share of CPF) ......

Government (whole)