Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tips on how to choose a good gynae

First of all, don't expect that I would really give you a good tips on how to choose a good gynae, because this is a blog post, not a medical article.

Personally, after seeing my gynae for good 8 months, I've figured out probably I can at least share one good tips on how to choose a good gynae: Choose the one with great sense of humour.

As you know, pregnancy is full of excitement, frustration, worries, anticipation, uncertainties, pain, anger blah blah blah blah... It would be good if someone with good sense of humour could add some liveliness to your pregnancy experience.

On my previous regular visit to my gynae, doctor commented that my Siu Yip is pretty large for its 'age' (gestational age lah~). As I am all into natural delivery, big baby could spell challenges during delivery. So I asked my doctor: So if the baby is too large, does it mean that I cannot go for natural delivery?

My doctor just replied calmly in a matter-of-fact way: No, you still can try for natural delivery, just that the baby will get stuck during the delivery.

I was like -.-'!|... What kind of reply is this?

Today, another regular visit (as you are close to due date, you do visit your gynae more frequently than usual). I was pretty worried about my constant sharp stabbing pain in my vagina (the feeling is like someone just stabbed a sharp knife into it, sorry for TMI), so I asked doctor again, is that something that I should be worried about?

My doctor, suddenly get so excited about my question and said: You know what? You should ENJOY (he actually emphasized this word) these pains because during the delivery, it is going to be one million times more painful than these. So, enjoy them ya!

Mr.Yap and I both were like 'Walao...'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Start making your CPF nomination TODAY!

You know why?

Because I've just read this today:

Q: How will my CPF savings be distributed under the intestacy laws?
A: If you are non-Muslim, the Public Trustee will distribute your CPF savings in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act (Cap 146). Your CPF savings will be distributed to your family in the following manner as shown here.

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse (no children, no parent)
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (whole)

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse, children
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (1/2), Children (1/2 to be shared equally)

Member Dies Leaving: No spouse, no children, no parent, no brother or sister, no grandparent, no uncle or aunt
Distributed to (Share of CPF) ......

Government (whole)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pram sponsor

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Hmmm... my last post was about morning sickness which happened during my first trimester. Now what? I've just entered my third trimester, how fast!

Things certainly changed a lot over the last few months. For obvious one, my bump is pretty big now, imagine ball carrying all the time. Not something I would feel very comfortable, but very comforting to know that my baby is doing well. Hmm, maybe too well because he is overweight at his 'age' now. Ha ha.... Hei Siu Yip, time to do more exercise before you become giant baby!

And yup, it's a boy! How exciting is that! Not that if it's a girl it would be less exciting (in fact, I was hoping my first baby would be a girl, but it's heaven's will that I should start with a boy), just that now we can officially go on shopping spree on blue color baby products. And when I said 'we', I meant my dear friends who seem more excited than me that I am expecting. For one example, Da already bought Siu Yip's romper on her Australia trip, way ahead of me. If it wasn't the gender was unknown at the time of her trip, I guess Siu Yip would have full wardrobe of baby clothes when she returns. Ha ha. She was struggling to whether get a Superman or Wonderwoman costume over there, how sweet!

Speaking of exercise, siu yip has been quiet down since last week, not so much kicking as compared to second trimester.

Siu Yip's invisible kicks!

Maybe the room is getting more and more cramped that he doesn't have much space to spread the arms and legs....which is FINE because it does hurt when he kicks too much. Just make sure he keeps at least few kicks daily so that I know he is still there.

Entering 27th weeks now, I start to feel that time really flies and I should really get ready the cot, clothes, diapers, milk bottle, milk powder, pram and etc etc. But lucky me, I don't have many things to prepare because friends can't wait to hand me their pre-loved (aka second hand) baby items. Now, I just need to get a baby pram and the rest are pretty much set. Any pram sponsor? anyone? hello?