Saturday, November 28, 2009

Truth about Morning Sickness

Don't be fooled by the word 'Morning Sickness'. It ain't just happen in the morning.

In fact, it happens all the time. When you are sleeping, when you are having lunch or dinner, when you are in MRT, when you are on the phone, when you are showering (yes, it happens!), when you are brushing your teeth (that's the worst!), and even during your most important meeting with you VIP client.

So don't ask me why I am still vomit during dinner time, because it is not just 'morning' sickness. It is '24/7' sickness.

Dad-to-be, I know there is nothing you can do about your dear's sickness. But don't just keep playing game while she is trying hard to stop being a merlion. Ok?

Show some support, clean up her mess. She would appreciate it very much, trust me.