Tuesday, June 02, 2009

JetStarAsia is hopeless

I had enough of JetStarAsia....I tried to book a one-way ticket for Mr.Yap and I since last month, and I have tolerant enough to try different method to successfully book a ticket.

Walao, I just want the god damn one-way ticket, so difficult meh?

First of all, when I use FireFox, I have no where to click to complete my booking

I happily fill up the details....

To find that there is no 'continue' or 'next' to click

Fine, I use IE instead. Very tolerant bah me as a customer. It come out, WORSE!

And when I called them, the machine just said 'we are not able to answer your call' and end the call. WTF? You are suppose to be 24hours!

Try after try, finally I am connected...with another machine which keep saying 'please visit our website'. F**k you lar..If I can do it at website, why am I calling you now?

Finally when I managed to talk to a human from the hotline, she didn't even bother to explain the errors in internet booking and proceed the booking via phone.

Is that end of the story?

Hell NOT!

I only have TWO passengers, and BOTH of the names are recorded wrongly in the reservation.

What wrong with JetStarAsia? Ready to bankrupt liao is it? Or they only retarted people to work?

Well, I am probably the most retarded people coz I booked their flight. Ha ha. (trying a lame joke)

After all the trouble, only to find out that JetStarAsia is a hopeless lousy airline. This would be my very last time with JetStartAsia. Hopefully so do the same for you.


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