Monday, May 04, 2009

Is A(H1N1) a serious threat or not?

Opposite to whatever my friends telling me from Asia, that A(H1N1) is super scary, I seriously don't think the people in my city felt threatened at all.

Well, prbobably not their fault because it is how the media poses the issue on paper, making it looks so.....mild.

See this:
El Paso Times: 2 fine lines about A(H1N1) nia...or worse, they have not even update it from Swine Flu to A(H1N1). FYI, El Paso is the border city at US-Mexico border. On daily basis, there are thousands of people crossing from Mexico and this is all they report??????? Worst thing, I am living in this city now. Wakao~

Wall Street Journal: Have to scroll down a bit before you can see the tiny flu corner

U.S. News: Don't have to scroll down, just make sure your focus is not on the nice pictures.

CNN: Not bad picture got text...

CNA (Singapore): It is EVERYWHERE, unless you are blind. If not, you surely wouldn't miss it.

There are 226 confirmed cases in US now, compared to, zero in Singapore?

And damn it, I am living at the US-Mexico border. People cross the bridge from Juarez everyday to my school.

Shouldn't I be more kiasi than my friends in Singapore?

But then, no one is wearing mask or so here.

Should I take the courage to be the freak here by wearing mask? Ha ha... you tell me.


Tekkaus said...

Wow! You are staying extremely near there? Hopefully all this nonsense will be gone soon. :D

Pink Leo said...

2 Tekkaus: Yes, on my way to school, Mexico is on my left... :s

Anonymous said...

hmm.. dangerous.. >.<