Sunday, April 05, 2009

Go Green!

It is official now, 68 days before balik kampung ke Singapura. Err, not really my kampung, but who cares?

After Spring break, time passes very fast, I don't know why. Anyway, some updates on what I have done in the past few weeks.

25-29 Mar: Dayton, Ohio for the RISE Conference. What is RISE (not rice)?

Redefining Investment Strategy Education...I know, really not my stuff.

Taken during break time

Keynote speakers, got someone from UN, got someone from Turkey, got someone from the big brother... Nevertheless, I know none of them.

Me with my new chingu Sharon (middle) and Jennifer, also another new chingu

A very weird car we found on the street..

Very confusing signboard

My love SASHIMI! Not very fresh though, lao a bit after that

The usual Global Management class with guest speaker...

...A professor from Germany

Little garden in the desert

And, I have started to dump all my old stuff, don't want to carry everything back to Singapore. First of all, is my super old laptop which I been using since 2003. By the way, don't cin cai discard your electronic product like laptop or so, it is harmful to the environment if you do not dispose them properly. Why? Go google it.

So, as the little Green girl that I have always been, I decided to recycle it through

1. They will send you an empty box

2. Place your laptop firmly in the box

3. Close and seal it

4. Drop off at UPS centre.



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