Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring break is here!

This is probably my last Spring break in United States, as I am graduating this semester. Ping came back from Austin on Thursday night, it is almost a family reunion time, except that Old Bean is still in China for his business trip.

We didn't plan to go anywhere this Spring break, everyone is so lazy to go out, we all just want to stay at home. So what we did was...a very typical Malaysian way... big feast! But, it was a Korean big feast!

It started with a blank table

Abu, the main chef

Ping, the baby chef

My dish, Korean Pancake

Korean fishcake

Korean Noodle

Fried Oyster

Thai style chili?

The leftover

The leftover 2

The final setting

Ping was too short, she had to squat in order to eat.

Abu is smarter, she grabbed a stool

The latecomer couple

After dinner, Ping ping was all happy...

What a nice way to start our Spring break!



Miamigod said...

why no pics of urself?

Pink Leo said...

2 Miamigod: I was behind the camera ler..