Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cruelity of Marriage

Between Hot/Sexy and Cute/Chubby, Mr.Yap said I am cute and chubby.

That's totally NOT I want to hear from him.


Well, I guess he is just being the same old honest guy.

Fine, you are forgiven then, Mr.Yap.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rapping safety briefing in plane?

Watch this:

It is really Southwest type of culture, doing things out of the box.

Isn't it nice when people make full use of their creativity?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The reason why I can't slim down

Yes yes have heard so many excuses why I can't slim down. Let me repeat, these are not excuses, they are facts!

Let me show you my house...

The dining table

Food cabinet



Mini food corner

Last but not least, my snack corner

And today, food processing department was working again

Baby chef on work

These are pineapple tarts

Slim down is impossible in my house. Full stop.

Spring break is here!

This is probably my last Spring break in United States, as I am graduating this semester. Ping came back from Austin on Thursday night, it is almost a family reunion time, except that Old Bean is still in China for his business trip.

We didn't plan to go anywhere this Spring break, everyone is so lazy to go out, we all just want to stay at home. So what we did was...a very typical Malaysian way... big feast! But, it was a Korean big feast!

It started with a blank table

Abu, the main chef

Ping, the baby chef

My dish, Korean Pancake

Korean fishcake

Korean Noodle

Fried Oyster

Thai style chili?

The leftover

The leftover 2

The final setting

Ping was too short, she had to squat in order to eat.

Abu is smarter, she grabbed a stool

The latecomer couple

After dinner, Ping ping was all happy...

What a nice way to start our Spring break!


Hi Czech!

Last Thursday, we didn't have our usual boring interactive discussion during our Global Management class. Instead, we had a guest speaker, air flown from Chicago to give us a business presentation.

He is Mr. Bohuslav Frelich, a presenter from Czech Republic.

The lady beside him is a Malaysian too, Ms. Bella Lim. She is one of our Business School's staff.

He was here to talk about how to do business or invest in Czech. Pardon me for my ignorance, but this is my first interaction with a Czech. I must say, Prague is added to my travel list, chop chop.

These are what I learned.

The presence of US firm in Czech Republic

Their mission

Basic data of Czech Republic


Professor, can we have more guest speakers in future?

YWCA in El Paso

iRep was once again invited by YWCA,El Paso to do cultural presentation on 8 Mar.

Although we didn't manage to present anything due to the messed up schedule on the organizer part, we still managed to enjoy some cultural dances, free the dove ceremony and free international bread tasting. For example, Ethiopian bread really taste like our Tosai.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Next Life

My favourite line is the last line.

Opps, I mean second last line!

Treat or Threat?

Call me a fussy person, but I am always terribly bothered by wrong spelling.

Sometimes, it is understandable...

However, this time, it is too much...


Come on, you are a master student, be professional, ok?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Princess Manicure

Are you looking for a place that you can do your manicure/pedicure/waxing and feel like a princess?

I have a perfect place for you...

Let me introduce, Princess Manicure

It is nice and comfortable place, where you can really relax yourself while beauty up your nails. Best of all, their girls are very friendly that I don't feel any pressure of hard-selling. I have been through so many manicurists that they will 'force' you to sign up a package, and it is so frustrating because manicure is suppose to be a relax experience.

Last but not least, their pricing is reasonable. Value for money!

This is not the ordinary manicure shop, it also has cafe where you can sip your drink before or after your session.

So where is this place?

It is in West Mall (beside Bukit Batok MRT station), 05-06/07,the highest floor when you take escalator.

As always, I will make reservation before I go, their number is 68982312.

Today's date

What is today's date?

29 Feb 2009? How impossible

How to move a TANK?

This was what I saw on I-10 today: