Friday, January 16, 2009

Power 'Puff' Girl!

Yeah, I am officially power 'PUFF' girl. After 6 years of non-baking, I dig out my masak-masak tools and bake puff.

Yesterday's first round was a failure. Such a failure that it was an eye sore to take one more look of it. So I dumped the whole thing and didn't take any picture.

Second round was pretty successful I should say, despite there are few times that I have to scream and shout for Mr.Yap to help me out.

The uncooked-puff

Small puff

This morning, I want something bigger, so I did these:

Very beautiful right?

Ultimately, I want to make this as the dessert for my guests tomorrow:

The Swan

Aren't me a power 'puff' girl?


Horizon said...

Your puff looks great. You're officially a Power "Puff" Girl!

Curry Puff Girl :)

Pink Leo said...

2 Horizon: Thanks Curry Puff girl. We are good 'Puff' buddy. :)