Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love photography!

As you can see, I love more and more taking photos... Sometimes, I manage to get a good shot that make myself impressed by myself. Now I can understand why people say, a photo can tell a story.

I don't know if my photos can tell a story, but I like these photos somehow... Although I don't have those super cheo SLR camera, mine is just a sturdy freeze-proof, drop-proof and water-proof kind of camera for chor lor lang like me.

Very creative commercial board

Who's the real boy? Who's the lego boy?

The little boy: I am the conductor!

Little M say 'Hi' to big M

Third from the right: Indecent behavior prohibited (Do you actually have to say that?)

A signboard at a rest stop, who dares to rest in this area anymore?

Yes, my siblings really like to jump...

Take a guess where is this place... The answer might surprise you o!

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Gi said...

Hey gal, very cheo pictures!