Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cupping Therapy

I am sure u heard of retail therapy, aromatherapy, physical therapy.... How about Cupping Therapy?

He he, if you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will sure know this cupping therapy is called 拔罐 (ba2 guan4) in Chinese.

Today, I went for this cupping therapy for the very first time in my life. While the method seems painful, it is not! At most, you only feel like you are being sucked by a giant octopus for few minutes and that's it.

The therapy itself is not a torture, what tortures me is the mark that will stay on my body for weeks!

See this!

How am I going to wear bikini?

Hmm, it is winter now in El Paso by the way. What talking me? Ha ha.

In fact, I am more worried that those ang moh will think that I am being abused by some strange objects.

Cupping? Not scary at all!

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