Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sum Up...

Man, I am further away from my ideal weight now.

How long will it takes to get from 64.1 to 55?

It must be the gene's issue, not the diet issue.


Tea Pot and Cup

I had a nice lunch with Marian (remember, the Ms.Switzerland?) yesterday at Mesa Street Grill, so nice that she treated me at such a nice and posh restaurant, just for lunch!

Love the ambiance, love the service, love the server (pretty cute guy), love the tea...

In fact, the tea pot was so nice and delicate that... Wait a minute, where is the cup? ( I actually asked Marian this)

Probably, I am just the only dumb one...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love photography!

As you can see, I love more and more taking photos... Sometimes, I manage to get a good shot that make myself impressed by myself. Now I can understand why people say, a photo can tell a story.

I don't know if my photos can tell a story, but I like these photos somehow... Although I don't have those super cheo SLR camera, mine is just a sturdy freeze-proof, drop-proof and water-proof kind of camera for chor lor lang like me.

Very creative commercial board

Who's the real boy? Who's the lego boy?

The little boy: I am the conductor!

Little M say 'Hi' to big M

Third from the right: Indecent behavior prohibited (Do you actually have to say that?)

A signboard at a rest stop, who dares to rest in this area anymore?

Yes, my siblings really like to jump...

Take a guess where is this place... The answer might surprise you o!

Narita airport is very wicked

Back to school, on the first day of Chinese New Year, where there is no sign of CNY celebration at all. Hmm, feeling very weird where CNY ain't the CNY that I remembered all along. No bombing red decoration, no pili peleh auspicious greetings, no mandarin orange, no new year cookies, and most significantly, NO ang pao.

Ang pao are much needed in nowadays, you know...

Anyway, instead of talking this boring CNY in a desert, let's about my recent unintended shopping trip in Narita airport.

I was at Narita airport 3 days ago, transit between Singapore and San Francisco. Surprisingly, within that one hour in Narita airport, I managed to do quite a number of things...

Like,'sight-seeing' at their restroom...

State-of-art toilet bowl

Fully automated 'clean your backyard' function

This is actually in the cubicle...

Where your baby can have a comfort seat while you are busy with your 'business'. How thoughtful of these Japanese...

Next would be, taste the world-famous sashimi.

The props in the restaurant, very Japanese indeed.

My love, my Sashimi. They are soooo good.

Last but not least, SHOPPING!

My shoppings... business card holder, glass pouch and a belt. Aren't they beautiful?

Indeed, Narita airport is very wicked, they made you spend a lot there... Hmm...

Nevertheless, I would still want to visit Japan someday soon, once my pur$e are fully re-charged.

Sashimi, wait for me!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year!

Dear friends of Pink Leo,

The year of Ox has arrived! My family and I - Old Bean, Abu, Pink Leo, Han and Ping - would like to you all of you the very best year of Ox!

May all your suay chi go away...

May all your good luck fill everywhere...

May all the ladies be beautiful always...

May all the gentleman be handsome always...

May everyone healthy always, happy always...

Last but not least, may you read my blog always...

Happy 'Niu' Year!

* tong tong chiang...*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cupping Therapy

I am sure u heard of retail therapy, aromatherapy, physical therapy.... How about Cupping Therapy?

He he, if you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will sure know this cupping therapy is called 拔罐 (ba2 guan4) in Chinese.

Today, I went for this cupping therapy for the very first time in my life. While the method seems painful, it is not! At most, you only feel like you are being sucked by a giant octopus for few minutes and that's it.

The therapy itself is not a torture, what tortures me is the mark that will stay on my body for weeks!

See this!

How am I going to wear bikini?

Hmm, it is winter now in El Paso by the way. What talking me? Ha ha.

In fact, I am more worried that those ang moh will think that I am being abused by some strange objects.

Cupping? Not scary at all!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Power 'Puff' Girl!

Yeah, I am officially power 'PUFF' girl. After 6 years of non-baking, I dig out my masak-masak tools and bake puff.

Yesterday's first round was a failure. Such a failure that it was an eye sore to take one more look of it. So I dumped the whole thing and didn't take any picture.

Second round was pretty successful I should say, despite there are few times that I have to scream and shout for Mr.Yap to help me out.

The uncooked-puff

Small puff

This morning, I want something bigger, so I did these:

Very beautiful right?

Ultimately, I want to make this as the dessert for my guests tomorrow:

The Swan

Aren't me a power 'puff' girl?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello baby, welcome to the world!

I knew it, something good will happen when I am back to Singapore. It turns out, yeah, my best friend Pei Yin just delivered a cute little baby girl on 4 Jan 2009. Went to visit her and say 'Hi' to her baby girl.

Pei Yin and her baby girl

OMG, this is the youngest baby that I have ever met, just 6 days old. At first, I was so afraid to hold the baby, I might crush the baby as it is so....tiny.

Is the baby sleeping or awake?

Baby smile smile

Baby and I, I dare not move an inch until the baby is taken away from my hand

This baby is full of expressions!

Just one thought after seeing the baby: Life is really a miracle!

Monday, January 05, 2009

I can't believe it is 2009 liao!

Man, it seems like it was just yesterday that I wrote 'Happy 2008 from Pink Leo', and my new year resolutions were:

  1. Down to 55 kgs.
  2. Be as pretty as Lin Chi Ling.
  3. Study hard and get full A.
  4. Sleep more.
  5. Strike Lottery?!

Ok, time for review.

Number 1 -FAIL.
Number 2 - FAIL BIG.
Number 3 - Achieved.
Number 4 - Over Achieved.
Number 5 - Try again, please.

Well, not bad. Out of five, I hit two. Hmm.

Another year has come. I have nothing to wish, except for one.


Yes, money is very important. Too important, especially in current economic downturn period.

Anyway, despite that I am a poor student, I still enjoy my life. Did many fun things in last Christmas and last weekends.... such as:-

  1. Road trip from Texas, cross New Mexico, Arizona and arrived at California. Sit in the car until my butt super pain.

    Funny signboard at rest stop

  2. First time in cruise, brand new experience. Everything was good, except most of the time I was suffering from sea sickness. :s.

    A whole big bucket of sea sickness pills, please help yourself.

  3. First time playing in casino. I don't mean slot machine, I mean play like the real 'casino royale' on table. Of course, the casino is the biggest winner. But hey, the most important is that I had fun, right? (don't mind me saying I want to be rich earlier on). Other than I got to know other players from all around the world, I also got to know dealers from all around the world, including a friendly male dealer from Zimbabwe that named 'Faith' and he has 17 brothers and no sister. Hei, his mother should come to Singapore ler.

    Carnival Paradise!

  4. Visited Fox studio in Ensenada, Mexico. Learned that movie is just a highly and nicely done bluffing stuff lar. Ha ha. But still, I am amazed by the production of Titanic. Titanic on a cruise trip, how irony.

    Props from Titanic

  5. First time to Legoland in California. Honestly, I think Legoland is for children below 12. I am too old for Legoland.

    Let me repeat, Legoland is only for kids, ok?

  6. First time on whale watching cruise. Seeing whale live and in tv is TOTALLY different.

    Can you see the whale's tail on top right? Eh, very difficult to take this picture one lor.

  7. Got a chance to eat my much-missed Salmon Sashimi in Narita airport, living in a desert is a bad choice for sashimi lover like me.

    Sashimi is the best!

  8. MAYDAY CONCERT! Outdoor concert! Rock under the star! Free somemore one ler! What else could be better? Super shiok.

    The best part of all, watching it with my best friends!

  9. Last but not the least, the never ending delicious food... Now you know what I can't be down to 55kgs yeah!

    Bak Kut Teh

    My favourite Roti Tissue!!!

Well, other than be rich, I believe be safe is more important. Yes, I am traumatized by the bad things happening in the world now.

Friends, be safe first, then be rich, ok?

Happy 2009! I am sure that this will be another awesome year. Yeah!