Monday, December 15, 2008 more Titanic

Man, I have been posting TWO posts only for the past one month.

Exam made my life... lifeless, yeah?

Anyway, Christmas is coming... New Year is coming...Chinese New Year is coming....

Most importantly, my family cruise trip and trip back to Singapore is coming!

Went to apply for a stamp on my passport at Mexican Consulate last week, so that I will have smooth clearance at the Mexico's port of entry at... Long Beach? or Baja? Ha ha, I am not sure either, this trip is fully in-charged and booked by Han, so if he arranged a 'selling the pig' (mai zhu zai) trip for us, there goes for us... You will never see me again if that is the case. Bye~

It will be a short cruise trip between California and Mexico for three days two nights, where we will visit *whatever* studio in Mexico where they filmed the legendary movie, Titanic there.

Hmm, I seriously don't think that it is a good sign to visit Titanic studio on a CRUISE TRIP!



Miamigod said...

choy choy... pengz say something more ji li lah... when u going back singapore? chinese new yr?

Pink Leo said...

2 Miamigod: Nah.... 3 Jan to 24 Jan... Gotta leave b4 CNY coz school has starts. :(

But I am graduating in May, so 'I will be back'.