Sunday, December 14, 2008

It is over!

Yeah!!!! True holidays has come!!! My final exams ended two days ago, and it is now time to relax...

...For 1 week before the results are available next week.


I think I did pretty well in the exam, however other classmates might did better than I do.

So, keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway, Friday was another fun day because we had early Christmas party in office. We started this game called 'Secret Santa' weeks ago where each of us is a secret Santa to one of the colleague. So, on Friday, it was when your Secret Santa revealed his/her identity.

My Secret Santa turned out to be Victoria, our lovely graphic designer in office and she gave me a real cool purple turtleneck long sleeve baju. Seriously, Purple is not really my color, however I love this baju a lot!!!

(Sorry no picture because baju went to laundry liao).

Very much that I would like to show those pictures on the party, however after seeing my super rounded face, I decided that, it is good to keep my life under low-profile.

Ha ha.

Gosh, 3 weeks to go before another year come, and I am still way far behind my target of 'slimming down to 55kgs'.

Man, how do (eating chip) those girls (drinking soda) stay slim ar?

I wonder... (dipping my chip into cheese sauce)

Can someone tell me?

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