Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost track

Since my last post in recording my weight on 4 Apr, I have been losing track...because I refused to acknowledge that I have gained much weight during the summer holiday.

How can I possibly reduce weight with all the makan and minum in Malaysia and Singapore?

Watch these...

In Cameron Highlands:


Afternoon tea at Boh plantation

In Klang:

The most famous Chuan Bee Bak Kut Teh, super yummy!

In Melaka:

Kian Pin's wedding dinner

Cendol, opposite the Stadhuys (red house)

In Penang:

Curry Mee?

BBQ Chicken Wing and Satay

Nasi Lemak

Ice Cream Toast and Yun-Yong (Coffee mix Tea)

Durian. I think Marian didn't really like durian.

Lok Lok

In Singapore:

Indonesian Grill (the empty plate) and Sour Sop juice

Haagen Daz chocolate fondue

Full course Korean meal

In Tioman:

Every meal is like this, full table of food

During the Kota Kinabalu trip:

Marry Brown breakfast in Senai airport

Yogurt Berry in KK

Bak Kut Teh in KK

Squid sauce spaghetti in Little Italy, KK

Roti Canai breakfast in KK, with my favourite teh o ice limau. Btw, I dream of teh 0 ice limau few days ago. Is that a sign?

Free style food ordering in a market in KK

The end product of free style order

The last meal during the KK trip, luxurious seafood dinner

Not forgetting there were many more delicious food that I forgot to take picture, as I was too engrossed into my meals. To name a few, creamy butter crab, biji biji chicken rice, fried chicken, bak chor mee, teochew porridge,dim sum, roast pork+duck+chicken....

Macam mana to lose weight?

This is where I am now.

I give up.


Maimigod said...

pengz... why u paste so many sing/m'sia food pic on ur blog? so cruel...

Pink Leo said...

2 Miamigod: Wo3 shi4 gu4 yi4 de~ Do you know what is 'wang4 mei2 zhi2 ke3'?