Friday, November 07, 2008

Lab Rat 2.0

After my previous experience of being a lab rat, I think I got addicted and last week I was a lab rat again, for another research.

Coincidentally, it was on Halloween day that I went to become a lab rat. Let me proudly present... my best Halloween outfit.

The research students are putting the sensors onto my body...

...And onto my carrot legs...

Oh, I hate wearing head band.

After all the setup and pre-test, I was asked to walk on the conveyor belt machine for three times at different speeds, each time for 15 mins. The silver biji biji sensors would detect my motions and they will study the normal gait motion in order to develop their state-of-art instrument. I am not sure if I can say too much about the instrument they are developing. But, it is surely a high-tech device that could save the world!!!

Ok, I am exaggerating again.

In overall, the subject test took me two hours only, pretty fast. Luckily I didn't kena electrical shock, ha ha.

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