Friday, October 31, 2008

How was the UTEP's International Food Fair?

I have been constantly busy with things - International food fair, exam, paper, assignment,book review,chapter summary,project...

Hu, too many things to take care. Since my previous very depressing post, things have been getting better and I am not that depressed anymore.

Firstly, the UTEP's international food fair. After several sleepless nights and 'food-less' day, I can proudly announce that the food fair was a very successful one. For the first time in the history of our program, we raised 843 tickets = USD843. Based on our records, USD300 was considered the best. Now, I have definitely raised the bar. Huahahaha....

Of course, this can't be done on my one-girl-show only. It requires team work to deliver such good results.

It all started from kitchen...

Aku, with very unglam hair net and Christina from Brazil

Abu joined the cooking too. Ya, she never leave kitchen.

Then, the booth...

From scratch, nada

To fully loaded, can you see the 'people mountain people sea'?

In fact, complaints were everywhere because 'the line was tooooooo long'. Ha ha.

The best team, International Representatives

From left: Sonam/Bhutan, Justyna/Poland, Abdallah/Egypt, Tip/Thailand, Ana Molina/Mexico, Christina/Brazil, Marian/Switzerland, Pink Leo/Malaysia and Julio from another student organization.

Who created this gorgeous poster? Me, of course.

Pink Leo and Justyna from Poland.

From left, Tip from Thailand, Pink Leo, Justyna and Sonam in his traditional Bhutanese costume

Tip had hard time counting the tickets, because it was a lot.

International Education time!

No food, no queue.

Yeap, Marian came to help us although she has already graduated. How sweet. On the right is another Bhutanese guy.

Everybody was so happy with the good results.

Now that I can sleep well, eat well... and add weight well.

I am back to 62.5kgs again. Damn!


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