Sunday, September 14, 2008

What is my life?

I have been thinking what would I be in near future. You know, I am no longer considered as 'young adult'. What is my dream life?

I wanted to be a caring mother and lovely wife, with 4 kids perhaps. However, I was traumatized by some 'household photos' of my high school good friend who is a mother of two now. Man, baby converts you from 'girl' to 'auntie'. No no no, although I am a yellow, I don't want to be yellow-face-woman. Yet.

And then, I came across another high school classmate's sister's blog, man, she made it to FHM. I don't deny that I want to be featured there, just that my size doesn't fit. Even if my size fits, no reader would be interested in a married woman.

sigh. SIGH!

And now I am thousands of miles away from Mr.Yap. Definitely not my dream type of life.


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