Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy 24th, bro!

I can't believe it, Han is 24 officially! Wow, time surely flies because it seems was only yesterday that I wrote a 23rd birthday post for him.

We didn't had a big celebration, as usual. Ping is in Austin and Abu is enjoying her family reunion in Malaysia. Three of us, Old Bean, Pink Leo and the birthday boy guy went to Landry, a kinda posh restaurant, for a seafood dinner.

Seafood dinner in the middle of desert? Are we crazy?

Anyway, it was a fantastic dinner and the restaurant actually give a free dessert to the birthday guy.

Banana frozen.

Back home, I continued my Sex and The City season 4, where Han came to my room for a chat as usual. Hmmm... how can I watch SATC in front my little bro? Kinda like, not really appropriate though.

So I politely asked him out. He said:

Hei, I am 24 already!

Well, you know what? You know what?

You may be 24 or 48, but you are forever my little brother.


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JustinKC said...

happy birthday!