Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fun-raising booth

Yesterday had been a crazy day for me. It started from 12pm that I arrived my office for evening's Minerpalooza where the International Ambassadors Program have a fund-raising booth.

Most parts of the preparation were done, I just need to get few details adjusted before the booth decorations starts at 4.30pm.

Finally, not too long of waiting, clock ticks at 4.30pm. The ambassadors start to pack my office that I have to bring all of them to the booth location in no time.

It was before the sun set, and our booth is just at the perfect strategic location...of having sun.

Everyone is melting and I don't have anything to cover up the booth, except my little hat and pathetic orange umbrella to cover 7 person at the same time.

After short time of setting up the booth, our booth looked like ready to snatch money.

Our service - to write and greetings in exotic foreign languages.

Ok, forget about the word 'exotic'.

Everything is perfect, except that we didn't generate any sales by the one and the half hours later. Man, We only have 6 hours for cash rush and quarter of them gone.

I was so panic, that I looked really bad...

It was so bad that I feel like killing someone.

Luckily, by the second hour, we did collected some tickets. That 'some' = 9 tickets.

Better than nothing.

For the rest of the hours, we didn't pack our ticket box full, but we packed ourselves with full of fun.

You know what, maybe it is not fund-raising event at all.

It is FUN-raising event.

And later that night morning at 2am, I reached home with exhausted body.

After a shower, I realize I can actually look good without makeup.

All you need is just the right angle to hide your rounded face+double chin+L-sized body.

No wonder photographer has a huge paycheck.

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