Thursday, August 21, 2008

Student Retreat!

I had a wonderful orientation cum student retreat from my new office last week. To be frank, I was very worried the day before the student retreat because I don't know if I am welcomed by the other students there. You know, being the odd one out.

Well, proved that my worries were pretty unnecessary, because they not only welcome me, they make me feel like I am at home and they are my family!

Throughout the retreat, we understand each other's job better, understand the important of teamwork, and most important, we had FUN FUN FUN!

Our version of 'Friends'

Give me a funny pose

Give me a not funny pose...which is impossible!

Although they speak in Spanish among themselves, I don't feel 'out' or thinking they maybe talking bad about me. Everyone is so nice to me, and I seriously thinking to pick up some Spanish so that I can understand their jokes better. Ha ha..

Ok, fun time over, now it's time to be beesee... Tomorrow I will have my first activities - International Student Orientation and the ambassadors are going to present. I believe we will do a good job tomorrow.

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