Friday, August 01, 2008

PC kills my desire

Everytime when I am not in front of my computer, I have thousands of posts running in my mind that I would like to pen down. I always say to myself: Ok, blog this down when I am with my computer.

The fact is, whenever I have log into my computer, my desire to write has all gone. That's probably the reason why I have been writing so little lately.

I keep wondering, why why why. Why is it that I blog so little from the moment I touched down to Singapore.

Finally, I thought of something which might be the answer.

This is just the lifestyle of Singapore. You are constantly on the go, busy with assuming important thing-money making; so by the time you reach home, you are so exhausted that you don't even have the mood to blog anymore.

The government has been encouraging people to exercise more, yet, people always can't find time to exercise. Actually, most of them even can't find time to have a decent dinner, moreover exercise.

In contrast, when I was in Texas, I always managed to find time to blog, sometimes I can even blog long long in both my English and Chinese blogs. And, I always have time to go to the gym.

What's the difference?

The difference is, when I was in Texas, a working day usually ends early such as 430pm or 5pm. When you get home, the sun have yet to set and you naturally find time to do things.

In Singapore, generally, people knock off after 6pm officially, which is equivalent to 8pm in reality.

Tell me, how to find time to exercise, blog, and....

increase the population of Singapore?

Tell me tell me...dah dah dah dah tell me... (chorus of a Korean girl group hit song).

I am writing crap again. Opps I did it again!

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