Monday, August 18, 2008

My first branded bag

Tired, just came back from shopping. This year, other than my special birthday gift from my friends:

Zara winter wear

My family bought me a real nice birthday present too, which is my first branded bag in my entire life!

As you know, Pink Leo never had a branded bag before:

1. Pink Leo is poor because she doesn't own branded stuff.
2. Pink Leo doesn't own branded stuff because she is poor.

Now, finally, I have my very own branded bag, from Coach:

Although my family bought it due to the almost 50% off, still, it is the thought that counts.

Best, it is in my favourite pink.

But, the best of the best, I don't have to pay any single cent at all. Huahahahaha...

(Miser Pink Leo: Cannot imagine myself paying $150 just for a little handbag. .)

This winter, I am going to wear the Zara jacket with my Coach bag. Will I look atas then? Hmmm....


MisSmall said...

Aww, that's such a pretty jacket. And congrats on the bag. But beware, once you go branded, you don't go back. :P

Pink Leo said...

2 missmall: Thank you, I love that jacket very much too, just that now it is not the time yet to wear it, ha ha. Oh no, point of no return for branded stuff? I guess my husband will get more worried than I do. Ha ha ha ha...