Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cotton Candy Day

Today, I am Cotton Candy girl, because I made more than hundred of cotton candy within one afternoon.

Why am I making so many cotton candy? It is because today is 'Welcome Back Week' and our office is giving out freebies.

Glad that many International Ambassadors came to help out, or else I will busy like siao!

From left: Pink Leo, Justyna from Poland, Pati from Mexico, Anna from Turkmenistan and Han my brother.

This is me in cotton candy action. The girl beside me is Ana from Mexico.

It was fun making cotton candy, but at the end of the day, I am sugar-wrapped girl.

Oh, what a 'sweet' girl I am.


JustinKC said...

I wish i got the chance to try hehehe, isnt hard isnt it?

Pink Leo said...

2 justinkc: very easy de lar, just need to know few tricks how to make sure the cotton candy dun fly everywhere. actually, it is good for kid's party.