Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Birthday Surprise

He he... After my previous post, suddenly I feel unwell, especially on my head, very heavy head and very giddy. So, instead of nice dinner with Mr.Yap, I decided to go straight home and rest.

I reached home at 5.45pm, waiting for Mr.Yap. I wait and wait and wait, no sign of Mr.Yap until 7pm. I started to grumble, plus my heavy head, I was going to explode!!

At that moment, I hear door unlocked, it must be him. I was so upset that I ignored him. Keep playing with my new iPod:

A birthday gift for myself

Suddenly, this thing blocked my view:

Why sunflower? Because it is ready-packed, can just pay-n-go. -.-'!| It's still typical Mr.Yap.

Next, it is our dinner. Ain't romantic dinner, it is just porridge plus herbal tea as I wasn't feeling well.

After dinner, I think I heard someone singing 'Happy Birthday' wor... Ah, Mr.Yap singing birthday song for me.

All of sudden, I feel energic! I have recovered! Being happy is the best medicine.

Mr.Yap is not that boring afterall, and he happened to see my previous post during dinner time, I guess he must be a bit paiseh that I complaint about him. Ha ha.

Other than Mr.Yap surprise, there are many birthday wishes from my friends which warm my heart very much. Yet, the warmest gift is this:

Ha ha, winter wear, warm enough gua...

Thank you pals, you all are my greatest friends!


Iris said...

Hehehe..so sweet of Mr.Yap:)
ANyway, your new iPod is champion:)

Pink Leo said...

2 iris: Thank you very muchie!! Mr.Yap is quite sweet, this time. My new iPod is iPod nano 8GB, I am still learning how to operate my iPod. Ha ha...

Iris said...

Hey gurl, how much does it cost you?? Thinking to get one myself but it all depends on $$$

Pink Leo said...

2 iris: I got from Apple's EPP - Employer Purchase Program, it is almost 40% off from market price, but it is a refurbished iPod.