Sunday, August 31, 2008

Organic Green Apple

Ha ha, remember last year that I mentioned I have an apple tree at my backyard?

This year, it grows even more apples..

This more...

Whole basket of apple

Hmmm, what can I do with these many apples? Apple juice? Apple Pie? Give some suggestions ler..

Anyway, later on I went to count how many apples are there...

One...Two...Three...Four...Five....Ten....Twenty...Thirty....Forty....Forty Eight!!!

5 apples already not in this picture because they are all in our stomach.

Lelong lelong....5 apples for $1... Lelong lelong....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cotton Candy Day

Today, I am Cotton Candy girl, because I made more than hundred of cotton candy within one afternoon.

Why am I making so many cotton candy? It is because today is 'Welcome Back Week' and our office is giving out freebies.

Glad that many International Ambassadors came to help out, or else I will busy like siao!

From left: Pink Leo, Justyna from Poland, Pati from Mexico, Anna from Turkmenistan and Han my brother.

This is me in cotton candy action. The girl beside me is Ana from Mexico.

It was fun making cotton candy, but at the end of the day, I am sugar-wrapped girl.

Oh, what a 'sweet' girl I am.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Busiest International Ambassador

This semester is going to be crazy semester. I am taking 4 classes, which is slightly more than what an usual student takes. I am working as the coordinator of International Ambassador Program, which I have to invest good amount of time to make the program successful.

I have whole series of events lining for me. Every week, one by one.

Last week, there was the International Student Orientation. I couldn't sleep well the night before because I was so nervous. I kept dreaming of being late for the presentation, car broke down,no one show up.... all the bad things you can think of. Luckily, things turn out pretty well at the end. Hhiiiuu.... relieved.

Tip, Thailand Ambassador sharing her experience to the new students.

Tomorrow, I have a booth in Union Plaza that we have to give out freebies and brochure. I have no idea how to decorate the booth yet. Damn. Hopefully everything turn out well too.

Next Friday is Minerpalooza, the annual huge carnival cum party in school. Our ambassadors will have a fund raising booth, by writing names and greeting in our home languages. This is the first time we are doing this. I am super gan cheong and worried now, what happen if I can't put through everything properly? What happen if we can't raise good amount of fund? So many things to worry, that I stop worrying now.

Following weeks will be numerous meetings, Rope Course,Presentation in school, presentation in some professionals' conference,International Food Fair...more to come.

I hope I can take care both my study and my job. And of course, I hope the ambassadors are having great time under my care.

Please add more oils for me, I really need that. Thank you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barely Used

This is a textbook ad posted by student in my college notice board:

Barely used? Are you saying that you barely study too?

Maybe 'Mint condition' is a better choice of word.

Barely used. Ha ha...Ya, barely use brain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Student Retreat!

I had a wonderful orientation cum student retreat from my new office last week. To be frank, I was very worried the day before the student retreat because I don't know if I am welcomed by the other students there. You know, being the odd one out.

Well, proved that my worries were pretty unnecessary, because they not only welcome me, they make me feel like I am at home and they are my family!

Throughout the retreat, we understand each other's job better, understand the important of teamwork, and most important, we had FUN FUN FUN!

Our version of 'Friends'

Give me a funny pose

Give me a not funny pose...which is impossible!

Although they speak in Spanish among themselves, I don't feel 'out' or thinking they maybe talking bad about me. Everyone is so nice to me, and I seriously thinking to pick up some Spanish so that I can understand their jokes better. Ha ha..

Ok, fun time over, now it's time to be beesee... Tomorrow I will have my first activities - International Student Orientation and the ambassadors are going to present. I believe we will do a good job tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My first branded bag

Tired, just came back from shopping. This year, other than my special birthday gift from my friends:

Zara winter wear

My family bought me a real nice birthday present too, which is my first branded bag in my entire life!

As you know, Pink Leo never had a branded bag before:

1. Pink Leo is poor because she doesn't own branded stuff.
2. Pink Leo doesn't own branded stuff because she is poor.

Now, finally, I have my very own branded bag, from Coach:

Although my family bought it due to the almost 50% off, still, it is the thought that counts.

Best, it is in my favourite pink.

But, the best of the best, I don't have to pay any single cent at all. Huahahahaha...

(Miser Pink Leo: Cannot imagine myself paying $150 just for a little handbag. .)

This winter, I am going to wear the Zara jacket with my Coach bag. Will I look atas then? Hmmm....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ID Theft

My summer vacation ended so fast that I am in El Paso again. It was a long and horrible flight from Singapore that I had a pretty bad jet lag. (FYI: I usually don't get jet lag even though after a long flight). It is really a big difference between good (a.k.a. SQ) and bad flight (UA). I used to take SQ for long flight, however for this time I took United Airline, due to the discounted air ticket for student. Yes, it is much cheaper, but accompanied with much torturing experience. The space was much narrower, the service was terrible, there is no individual entertainment system during the whole 13 hours non stop flight (like SQ one) and most important, it was delayed. I gotta catch a connecting flight from LA to El Paso and I only have 4 hours interval. Luckily the clearance of LA's custom and immigration was pretty fast that left me 1 hour to check into my connecting flight to El Paso.

Speaking of bad service, this is the first time that I see cabin crew vent anger in front of passenger, talk to customer sarcastically, and I gotta self-service for water. I had to bell them thrice before someone come to me, and I waited 5mins in between the bells. I was so thirsty that I need a cup of water, and they don't seem to have a public lounge like the one in SQ. Finally a lady stewardess come to me and say 'can you go to the pantry and help yourself'? The pantry is messy and full of carts that I don't know where can I get a drink. Thus, I still have to get a cabin crew to pour me the drink. I swear that I will not buy UA ticket anymore. It is the most horrible flight that I had ever take.

Well, since I have nothing to keep me entertained during the 13 hours flight except my new iPod, I read on the magazines available in front pocket. And I came across this article about ID theft.

Do you know that now many ID thieves steal ID using MySpace and FaceBook? Blog is also a perfect alternative source for ID theft. With the information such as your full name, D.O.B and address, the ID thieves can using your ID and do wonders, such as credit card fraud.

I was really hit by this article, and immediately once I am able to online again, I delete all my personal info from facebook. Although I have been adding only real-life friends into my facebook, the risk of ID theft is still high. I also thought of closing down my blog, but my heart doesn't agree with that. I removed every single information from my facebook, including my relationship status:

Pink Leo is no longer listed as married.

I thought everything will be fine. And the next moment, I received numerous messages from friends:

Eh, what happened to your relationship?R u ok? Call me now!

is this a joke? If not then I hope you are okay! You are young, smart, and beautiful women, you will move on! Big hug and have a safe trip to El Paso!

Not too sure if this is true. Please take good care of yourself OK.. U hv the whole team behind U!!

omigosh babe!!!!! are you ok?? skype me if u can?

Are you alright?! Pls take care!

Hmm... I guess I must have shocked them very much. I am so sorry to shock you guys, rest assure that it is a false alarm, Mr.Yap and I are still going strong. I wouldn't ditch Mr.Yap if he doesn't do the same (he dare?!?!?!). And, I am really thankful that I have a bunch of great great friends around me, that I know I am always under good care.

So Mr.Yap, now you know how powerful I am huh? Don't try to bully me ok? Or else my friends will come after you!

(Mr.Yap's OS: I will be very grateful if you stop bullying me, sob sob sob...)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Feet

How to make your feet happy?

Wear 'Happy' shoe

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Birthday Surprise

He he... After my previous post, suddenly I feel unwell, especially on my head, very heavy head and very giddy. So, instead of nice dinner with Mr.Yap, I decided to go straight home and rest.

I reached home at 5.45pm, waiting for Mr.Yap. I wait and wait and wait, no sign of Mr.Yap until 7pm. I started to grumble, plus my heavy head, I was going to explode!!

At that moment, I hear door unlocked, it must be him. I was so upset that I ignored him. Keep playing with my new iPod:

A birthday gift for myself

Suddenly, this thing blocked my view:

Why sunflower? Because it is ready-packed, can just pay-n-go. -.-'!| It's still typical Mr.Yap.

Next, it is our dinner. Ain't romantic dinner, it is just porridge plus herbal tea as I wasn't feeling well.

After dinner, I think I heard someone singing 'Happy Birthday' wor... Ah, Mr.Yap singing birthday song for me.

All of sudden, I feel energic! I have recovered! Being happy is the best medicine.

Mr.Yap is not that boring afterall, and he happened to see my previous post during dinner time, I guess he must be a bit paiseh that I complaint about him. Ha ha.

Other than Mr.Yap surprise, there are many birthday wishes from my friends which warm my heart very much. Yet, the warmest gift is this:

Ha ha, winter wear, warm enough gua...

Thank you pals, you all are my greatest friends!

Happy Birthday to me...

Again, Pink Leo is older more mature by another year.

26 years old may not seem old, but it is time to get settle down.

This year birthday is pretty much as what I have expected. A typical, normal day without grand celebration. Morning go to office, beware of boss while 'eating snake', blow water during lunch time and nice dinner with Mr.Yap after work. Quiet quiet, birthday in peace.

And no, no surprise gift or flower from Mr.Yap (yes, you are sensing a little bit of grumbling here)

Yet, this is typical boring Mr.Yap.

Once again, happy birthday Pink Leo. Happy one year older(Eh, not that happy lar...). Ha ha...

Friday, August 01, 2008

PC kills my desire

Everytime when I am not in front of my computer, I have thousands of posts running in my mind that I would like to pen down. I always say to myself: Ok, blog this down when I am with my computer.

The fact is, whenever I have log into my computer, my desire to write has all gone. That's probably the reason why I have been writing so little lately.

I keep wondering, why why why. Why is it that I blog so little from the moment I touched down to Singapore.

Finally, I thought of something which might be the answer.

This is just the lifestyle of Singapore. You are constantly on the go, busy with assuming important thing-money making; so by the time you reach home, you are so exhausted that you don't even have the mood to blog anymore.

The government has been encouraging people to exercise more, yet, people always can't find time to exercise. Actually, most of them even can't find time to have a decent dinner, moreover exercise.

In contrast, when I was in Texas, I always managed to find time to blog, sometimes I can even blog long long in both my English and Chinese blogs. And, I always have time to go to the gym.

What's the difference?

The difference is, when I was in Texas, a working day usually ends early such as 430pm or 5pm. When you get home, the sun have yet to set and you naturally find time to do things.

In Singapore, generally, people knock off after 6pm officially, which is equivalent to 8pm in reality.

Tell me, how to find time to exercise, blog, and....

increase the population of Singapore?

Tell me tell me...dah dah dah dah tell me... (chorus of a Korean girl group hit song).

I am writing crap again. Opps I did it again!