Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation ending soon...

My vacation is ending soon, as next Sun I will be on my flight to Texas again, back to study.

Hmmmm...I guess this the most fruitful holiday in my entire life. I had attempt to climb Malaysia's highest mountain, travel Peninsular Malaysia within 3 weeks, work as a temp staff for 1 month, and last but not least...gain weight.

It took me 10 months to lose 2.5 kgs but it only take 2 months to gain 3 kgs. It's not fair!

Speaking of fairness, I always think that God is fair. God didn't give me a Victoria Secret's model-like figure or Lin Chi Ling face, but I have the rest of the world:-

Loving parent
Caring siblings
Boring husband (boring is a compliment btw)
Always there friends!

I am thankful, although I am constantly gaining weight!

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