Sunday, June 01, 2008

Never go shopping with your mother-in-law

All of sudden, I have a mood to write another post within 30mins, about a monster-in-law, here I go...

I am not referring to the J Lo's Monster-in-Law, this is a real life monster-in-law, sigh.

Remember I mentioned in previous post that I went to Kuala Lumpur recently? It was last Monday that I went back to KL to visit my parent-in-law; particularly, my mother-in-law; while Mr.Yap is away in Korea for his business trip.

Many of my friends say: You are such a brave daughter-in-law, visit your in-law without your armor, aka your husband.

Initially, I thought it is just a casual visit, just like a daughter visit her mother, nothing to be afraid of. Moreover I have been away for 10 months in Texas, I should really visit her asap when I have spare time, as a respect to her.

Well, it was just a 4 days stay at her house, minus the first and last day where most of the time I was sitting in the bus. So, 2 full days only in her house, easy job right?

-dek- I AM SO WRONG.

Usually I don't feel anything if she utters something that I may feel hurt, like the words *fat*; because Mr.Yap is always there to back me up. The usual conversation goes like this:

MIL: Aiyo, look at her (pointing at my tummy), so bulgy. People may think she is pregnant where in fact she is just being fat.

Mr.Yap: Aiyo Ma, she is not very fat also ma, she is just slightly more fleshy than most of the girls now. Most important, I like her in this way... (so sweet)

MIL: .... (keep quiet).

These are the conversations between us when we were shopping in KL with my sister-in-law.


MIL: (pick up one of the top I choose) Aiyo, this one so small, you can wear meh?

Me: Can, I have tried that, that's why I am buying this (who would want to buy an unfit top? huh?)

MIL: Sure or not? This one so small you so big size, can squeeze in meh?
(Mr.Yap, where are you?)

very small meh? moreover, I am not that big size ok?


MIL: (pick up another dress) Wah, this one good, so big so loose. You can wear this even when you are 7 months pregnant.

Me: I will have to match with a belt when I wear this de.

MIL: Are you sure or not? You need meh?
(Mr.Yap, where are you again?)

For pregnant lady? Are you sure or not?


MIL: Eh, today you buy a lot hor? I see you keep withdraw money from ATM. Buy until no money har? (Fact 1, I only withdraw ONCE. Fact 2, her daughter spent more than me)

Me: 3 tops only, moreover one of my purpose back here is to shop ma.

MIL: Wait a minute, who is paying for all these ar? My son (aka Mr.Yap?)

Me: (eyes roll hard) No lar, I brought back a pile of US dollar with me this time, it is some saving from my campus job.

MIL: (looks very relief). Oh... like that ar...ok lor.


Therefore, the moral of the story: Never go shopping with your mother-in-law!



joy said...

OMG. i can totally sense your frustration. all girls out there. read and learn! but of course, if you have a nice MIL, its a blessing :) btw, shop more and enjoy urself before you go back!!!

Pink Leo said...

2 joy: I hope you don't have to experience the same thing I had. Ha ha..Thanks, I will enjoy myself very much before I go back. :)

Baby said...

i would prefer to shop alone or maybe with my mom because i don't need to pay.. my mil & i different taste compared to my mom. my mom eats different culture food but my mil nope. also my mom & i same foot size..

jwlaw83 said...

Luckily you survive... hahaha! I will take this morale of the story :P

For me, I prefer shop alone or with Jia Wen accompanying me. My mum taste dun really suits me, but my dad does sometimes, weird right?