Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My version of Sex and The City

Ok, I admit I am totally 'out' as I never watch any of the Sex and The City series...until last night. It was the first encounter with this drama that drives ladies all around the world crazy. Well, to be accurate, I watched the movie, not the drama.

My review after watching the movie? Listen here...


I hope this statement is bold enough.

Although the movie is 145mins (2.5hrs) long, there isn't any space for you to fall asleep. The movie keep you ... and your mind busy, as there are many hilarious lines, and of course the sex scenes. Hei hei... As the typical Singapore censored movie, the sex scenes are like dragonfly hop on water - qing1 ting2 dian2 shui3. A bit... tak cukup shiok.

I guess there are many SATC goers have watch this movie, thus I shall not repeat what is it in the movie. As for those haven't get the ticket for this, I shall not leak out the story too. Go watch yourself. :D

Today, inspired by Miranda in SATC, I decided to go for a Brazilian wax, for the very first time in my life.

I am indeed a tu bao zi that never tried any waxing on any part of my body. For the first experience, I go all the way to the most intimate part of my body. To be frank, I am quite starlet by my courage.

Nothing much to say on this awkward experience, that include exposing my 'little sister' in front of 2 total strangers (female, of course) and I have to pay them for doing so.


Worst thing, I keep crying pain that kinda irritate the auntie who do my Brazilian wax. And I seriously suspect that she purposely make it more painful because I irritated her.

But...I can't help also ma..It is really painful, you know?

In the midst of the process, deep in my heart there is an OS which is exactly the same OS when I was in the mid of mount Kinabalu climbing:


Although I am quite happy with the waxing outcome, too bad I can't share with you in picture, because this is a G rated blog.

Hmmm..maybe PG.


3POINT8 said...

wha..if ladies dun watch sure regret??
hmmm...this sounds tempting! Ehehehe, one more movie to look out for

Pink Leo said...

2 3point8: yes, go go go watch! I am thinking of watching it again. :)