Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kota Kinabalu #1

My legs have recovered long ago (from my shopping spree you can see right?), so as promised, it's time to write about my KK trip.


Destination: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia

Date: 15 May 08 to 19 May 08, 5D4N

$$: RM1050 (land arrangement) + RM403 (air asia return ticket, Senai airport, Johor ~ Kota Kinabalu airport) + S$30 (land transportation, return, Singapore - Senai airport, Johor)

Activities: Climb mount Kinabalu, Water rafting at Padas river, KK adventure park.

Adam and Eve: 3 Adams and 11 Eves.

KK team, which I don't know half of them initially. Picture taken at Kota Kinabalu sea port.

Overall experience: challenge body limit, perfect stranger travelmates, beware of mount climbing addiction.


The itinerary:

Day 1:

Woke up by Huan Liang's sms at 230am, to prep myself. As our departing airport is Senai airport in Johor Bahru, so we hired a car to ferry us from Singapore to Senai airport.

Strange thing was, we were stuck at Woodlands checkpoint for 20mins due to the LONG queue, at 4am! I can feel the pressure of oil price rising, everybody rush to Malaysia to fill their petrol.

We reached Senai airport pretty early at 530am, where our departure time is 725am. The only restaurant that opens at this early hour is Marrybrown, so we had our breakfast there.

My Marrybrown breakfast, nasi lemak with fried chicken.

My air asia is waiting for me

It was still dawn when we are in the air, I have not seen such a beautiful sky for a long time.

Although air asia is a budget airline, the aircraft is pretty new, unlike the budget airline I took in USA.

AirAsia aircraft, in extremely good condition.

At 935am, we landed in Kota Kinabalu airport, 10 mins earlier than scheduled time.

We were transported to Trekker's Lodge, which is just 10mins away from KK airport.

Our local tour coordinator, Ms Beverly.

Btw, Beverly is already a grandmother. What a sporting grandma.

My bed in Trekker's Lodge. I chose upper deck without much thinking, which I regretted much after crawl getting down from mount Kinabalu.

Tip 1: Never pick an upper deck if you are on mountain climbing trip. You will curse and sweat with your jelly feet later.

A big pasar in KK. Reminds me of my childhood.

The pasar resembles very much like the pasar I used to visit frequently when I was in Malaysia. The only different thing in KK pasar, they sell seashell too!

It's time for lunch then when we were walking in KK. This is where Sam and Irene ordered our lunch from.

You pick and they cook on the spot. Cheo bo?

After lunch, we went jalan jalan along the sea port, it is a very nice place to jalan, except the hot sun shining on top of us. You can enjoy the sea breeze accompanied by some fishy smell.

Speed boat that can ferry you to nearby islands like Pulau Manukan, RM25-30 one way.

Rice..reminds of rice crisis now.

Are those fishing boats?

Very posh pathway. How come Melaka don't have such nice pathway along the sea ar?

The weather was so hot that I must stop to have some drinks.

Yogurt Berry

So I get a yogurt bowl to cool down myself.

si be shiok!

Dinner time wise, we had bak-kut-teh.


...and after

Shiok shiok shiok!

After dinner, it's time to conclude a day and go meet the zhou-gong. The next day we have to wake up early to climb the mountain ler.

(To be continued...)

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dreckker said...

hey, you went to climb Mount K also huh?? I just came back from the climb last month... almost died... -____-

I just finished posting up my trip in my blog:

I'm waiting to read about your trip up Mount K... :)