Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mr.Yap vs Jimmy Neutron

Back back back....and burned burned burned.... Back from Melaka+KL+Cameron Highland+Penang+Klang (Bak Kut Teh!!!)+Tioman trip.

Here is Tioman:

Me and the fish in swimming pool Tioman...

Mr.Yap and his Jimmy Neutron hair

Jimmy Neutron

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Malaysia, Truly Asia

Ok, from today, I will be in Malaysia until 23 June, and I will cover few places - Melaka, KL (including Genting), Cameron Highlands, Penang and Tioman. And my travelmate, Marian from Switzerland.

Oh no, cannot talk anymore, must go. Bus at 730am, gotta rush... See you 3 weeks later!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Harry Potter masturbating?

* Warning: This is an N16 post, please press alt+F4 if you are 16 years old or below. Thank you. *

I believe you can remember there was a voodoo rush few years ago, that you can find almost any kind of cute voodoo in Mini Toons, got study charm, love charm, career charm etc etc. This is one of them, the Harry Potter. There is one on Mr.Yap's desk, and I find it very interesting.

How does it look like to you?

Pour moi, it looks like voodoo Harry Potter just had a dick extension and he gracefully grabs his dick with his both hands. With rub? I am not sure. This is a still voodoo.

Sigh... Am I too polluted or it is just too ... obvious?

What say you?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blur sotong of Gelare

Yesterday was Tuesday, it was Gelare's half price waffles Tuesday again. He he.. my shiok time again to have my favourite waffles + ice cream.

As expected, the queue was super long even though it was 9pm. Mr.Yap was very sleepy already by then, because he didn't sleep enough the night before. But... he still teman me to join the queue and wait for our turn, despite of his Garfield eyes.

Finally, it was our turn and we ordered 2 scoops of different flavours ice cream with chocolate chip waffles. Then we sit down patiently at our table 10.

The restaurant was very full and every table ordered at least 1 waffle, thus it took quite a while before we get ours.

The moment our waffle lay on our table, Mr.Yap and I thought we have problems in our eyes, how come only 1 scoop of ice cream only de?

Quickly, I pull out my receipt to double check if the order was placed correctly. Yeah, I paid for 2 scoops of ice cream ah! So, I immediately notify the server that I ordered for 2 scoops of ice cream, instead of one.

Soon, the 2nd waffle come. Eh, salah again. I ordered for Hazelnut Yogurt+Chocolate Overload ice cream ler, how come both scoops are also Hazelnut Yogurt de? Although by then I felt a bit irritated because Mr.Yap was very sleepy liao and the craving for my waffle was very high.

Feeling sian, I informed the server my correct order, the server says we have to wait again because they are going to re-do the waffle.

Wait wait wait... finally, my correct Hazelnuts+Chocolate Overload with chocolate chip waffle is in front of me. But, I already lost my craving.

Chop chop I finished up the waffle and left the restaurant.

What a bunch of blur sotong in Gelare. Sigh... I will go to Swensens next time. No more at Gelare.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My version of Sex and The City

Ok, I admit I am totally 'out' as I never watch any of the Sex and The City series...until last night. It was the first encounter with this drama that drives ladies all around the world crazy. Well, to be accurate, I watched the movie, not the drama.

My review after watching the movie? Listen here...


I hope this statement is bold enough.

Although the movie is 145mins (2.5hrs) long, there isn't any space for you to fall asleep. The movie keep you ... and your mind busy, as there are many hilarious lines, and of course the sex scenes. Hei hei... As the typical Singapore censored movie, the sex scenes are like dragonfly hop on water - qing1 ting2 dian2 shui3. A bit... tak cukup shiok.

I guess there are many SATC goers have watch this movie, thus I shall not repeat what is it in the movie. As for those haven't get the ticket for this, I shall not leak out the story too. Go watch yourself. :D

Today, inspired by Miranda in SATC, I decided to go for a Brazilian wax, for the very first time in my life.

I am indeed a tu bao zi that never tried any waxing on any part of my body. For the first experience, I go all the way to the most intimate part of my body. To be frank, I am quite starlet by my courage.

Nothing much to say on this awkward experience, that include exposing my 'little sister' in front of 2 total strangers (female, of course) and I have to pay them for doing so.


Worst thing, I keep crying pain that kinda irritate the auntie who do my Brazilian wax. And I seriously suspect that she purposely make it more painful because I irritated her.

But...I can't help also ma..It is really painful, you know?

In the midst of the process, deep in my heart there is an OS which is exactly the same OS when I was in the mid of mount Kinabalu climbing:


Although I am quite happy with the waxing outcome, too bad I can't share with you in picture, because this is a G rated blog.

Hmmm..maybe PG.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kota Kinabalu #1

My legs have recovered long ago (from my shopping spree you can see right?), so as promised, it's time to write about my KK trip.


Destination: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia

Date: 15 May 08 to 19 May 08, 5D4N

$$: RM1050 (land arrangement) + RM403 (air asia return ticket, Senai airport, Johor ~ Kota Kinabalu airport) + S$30 (land transportation, return, Singapore - Senai airport, Johor)

Activities: Climb mount Kinabalu, Water rafting at Padas river, KK adventure park.

Adam and Eve: 3 Adams and 11 Eves.

KK team, which I don't know half of them initially. Picture taken at Kota Kinabalu sea port.

Overall experience: challenge body limit, perfect stranger travelmates, beware of mount climbing addiction.


The itinerary:

Day 1:

Woke up by Huan Liang's sms at 230am, to prep myself. As our departing airport is Senai airport in Johor Bahru, so we hired a car to ferry us from Singapore to Senai airport.

Strange thing was, we were stuck at Woodlands checkpoint for 20mins due to the LONG queue, at 4am! I can feel the pressure of oil price rising, everybody rush to Malaysia to fill their petrol.

We reached Senai airport pretty early at 530am, where our departure time is 725am. The only restaurant that opens at this early hour is Marrybrown, so we had our breakfast there.

My Marrybrown breakfast, nasi lemak with fried chicken.

My air asia is waiting for me

It was still dawn when we are in the air, I have not seen such a beautiful sky for a long time.

Although air asia is a budget airline, the aircraft is pretty new, unlike the budget airline I took in USA.

AirAsia aircraft, in extremely good condition.

At 935am, we landed in Kota Kinabalu airport, 10 mins earlier than scheduled time.

We were transported to Trekker's Lodge, which is just 10mins away from KK airport.

Our local tour coordinator, Ms Beverly.

Btw, Beverly is already a grandmother. What a sporting grandma.

My bed in Trekker's Lodge. I chose upper deck without much thinking, which I regretted much after crawl getting down from mount Kinabalu.

Tip 1: Never pick an upper deck if you are on mountain climbing trip. You will curse and sweat with your jelly feet later.

A big pasar in KK. Reminds me of my childhood.

The pasar resembles very much like the pasar I used to visit frequently when I was in Malaysia. The only different thing in KK pasar, they sell seashell too!

It's time for lunch then when we were walking in KK. This is where Sam and Irene ordered our lunch from.

You pick and they cook on the spot. Cheo bo?

After lunch, we went jalan jalan along the sea port, it is a very nice place to jalan, except the hot sun shining on top of us. You can enjoy the sea breeze accompanied by some fishy smell.

Speed boat that can ferry you to nearby islands like Pulau Manukan, RM25-30 one way.

Rice..reminds of rice crisis now.

Are those fishing boats?

Very posh pathway. How come Melaka don't have such nice pathway along the sea ar?

The weather was so hot that I must stop to have some drinks.

Yogurt Berry

So I get a yogurt bowl to cool down myself.

si be shiok!

Dinner time wise, we had bak-kut-teh.


...and after

Shiok shiok shiok!

After dinner, it's time to conclude a day and go meet the zhou-gong. The next day we have to wake up early to climb the mountain ler.

(To be continued...)

Never go shopping with your mother-in-law

All of sudden, I have a mood to write another post within 30mins, about a monster-in-law, here I go...

I am not referring to the J Lo's Monster-in-Law, this is a real life monster-in-law, sigh.

Remember I mentioned in previous post that I went to Kuala Lumpur recently? It was last Monday that I went back to KL to visit my parent-in-law; particularly, my mother-in-law; while Mr.Yap is away in Korea for his business trip.

Many of my friends say: You are such a brave daughter-in-law, visit your in-law without your armor, aka your husband.

Initially, I thought it is just a casual visit, just like a daughter visit her mother, nothing to be afraid of. Moreover I have been away for 10 months in Texas, I should really visit her asap when I have spare time, as a respect to her.

Well, it was just a 4 days stay at her house, minus the first and last day where most of the time I was sitting in the bus. So, 2 full days only in her house, easy job right?

-dek- I AM SO WRONG.

Usually I don't feel anything if she utters something that I may feel hurt, like the words *fat*; because Mr.Yap is always there to back me up. The usual conversation goes like this:

MIL: Aiyo, look at her (pointing at my tummy), so bulgy. People may think she is pregnant where in fact she is just being fat.

Mr.Yap: Aiyo Ma, she is not very fat also ma, she is just slightly more fleshy than most of the girls now. Most important, I like her in this way... (so sweet)

MIL: .... (keep quiet).

These are the conversations between us when we were shopping in KL with my sister-in-law.


MIL: (pick up one of the top I choose) Aiyo, this one so small, you can wear meh?

Me: Can, I have tried that, that's why I am buying this (who would want to buy an unfit top? huh?)

MIL: Sure or not? This one so small you so big size, can squeeze in meh?
(Mr.Yap, where are you?)

very small meh? moreover, I am not that big size ok?


MIL: (pick up another dress) Wah, this one good, so big so loose. You can wear this even when you are 7 months pregnant.

Me: I will have to match with a belt when I wear this de.

MIL: Are you sure or not? You need meh?
(Mr.Yap, where are you again?)

For pregnant lady? Are you sure or not?


MIL: Eh, today you buy a lot hor? I see you keep withdraw money from ATM. Buy until no money har? (Fact 1, I only withdraw ONCE. Fact 2, her daughter spent more than me)

Me: 3 tops only, moreover one of my purpose back here is to shop ma.

MIL: Wait a minute, who is paying for all these ar? My son (aka Mr.Yap?)

Me: (eyes roll hard) No lar, I brought back a pile of US dollar with me this time, it is some saving from my campus job.

MIL: (looks very relief). Oh... like that ar...ok lor.


Therefore, the moral of the story: Never go shopping with your mother-in-law!


It's Great Singapore Sales!

I have been very lazy busy to pen down my shiok life in Singapore. It has been 3 weeks since I touched down at Changi airport terminal 3 on 13 May, and I have been to Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and I was nearly gone to Korea with Mr.Yap for his business trip. Due to $$ reason (I am a poor student, Mr.Yap is a poor husband), I decided to stay put in Singapore to run some errands, like SHOPPING!

Hey man, it's GREAT SINGAPORE SALES ler, how can I don't join the fun?

On yesterday alone, I swiped almost S$400 on my clothes, shoes, food and entertainment. As I am currently unemployed, naturally my credit card bill will go to Mr.Yap to settle. I hope he wouldn't have a heart attack when receive the bill. Up to date, it's already more than S$1k, more than 1/3 of his monthly salary. I believe he has a strong heart. (keep my fingers cross)

Let me show your my prizes...

For Body

Happy feet

As for entertainment, I have watched movies - Indiana Jones and Narnia Prince Caspian. Next week I am going to watch Sex and the City. Of course, karaoke is something that I die die cannot miss.

Happy summer holiday.... to me! :D