Monday, May 12, 2008

Singapore, here I come

Finally, the day has come, my return trip to Singapore. Oh! Creamy crab. Oh! Merlion. Oh! K box. Oh! Mahjong! Oh! My dear lao peng you.... Here I come!

I know I have been repeating this again and again: time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday that I flew to El Paso for my first semester in MBA. Now I am on transit at Phoenix, waiting for flight to Los Angeles, followed by my direct flight from LAX to SIN.

Opps, here is the PA announcing system: We are in the possible case of seat overbooking and we are looking for volunteer to give up their seats, we will provide you with hotel tonight, your dinner and a round trip credit. We will make you as comfortable as possible.

Psss... I heard the overbooking is about 10 seats.


Who says U.S. is having recession har? still got so many people fly yeah!

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