Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gunung Kinabalu, aku datang!

It has been a busy and crazy two days...

13 May: Touch down at Changi airport Terminal THREE (yup, the new terminal) at 530am. The airport is so new until I still can smell the paint. Too bad I was too tired to take picture, so no picture to show you. :(

Reach home at 630am, refreshing bath after 24hrs travel, then start to tidy my house. This is what happen when you are living with nerdy type of guy, they are good in computer but not in house-keeping.

By the time I am quarter done, it is already late afternoon. Time to get ready and see my friends.

The night ends with a very satisfied smile because I had a super nice chicken meal in Paya Lebar. All the way from Woodlands to the east to eat chicken, luckily it worth the effort of travel. Again, forget to take picture because my eyes can only see good food now, no other thing.

14 May: Wake up early morning, continue my quarter done house cleaning. Again, by the time I am half done, it's late afternoon again. Time to meet my friends again. But today different lar, got do a bit of retail therapy, which is 2 pairs of shoes + 1 ski pants + some KK trip items.

Go to bed at 11pm, very worried if I cannot wake up at 3am the next day.

15 May: which is now! Luckily my sms alert tone is loud enough to wake me up. Huan Liang is so kind to give me a morning-sms, at 230am.

Now I am all ready, but since the car hasn't arrive my house, I have nothing to do but wait...and wait...and wait...

Ok, It is a boring blog, I know. No picture no funny expression.

I promise, I will make up with a good KK blogs, ok? ok?

My flight is AirAsia from Senai/JB to Kota Kinabalu , 725am. So we hired a car service to pick us up from our houses to Senai at 3am. It is a big group consisting of 13-14 paxs, which half of them I don't know. Anyway, I believe we all will be buddies after this 5D4N trip.

Gunung Kinabalu, akan aku datang!

Now my only worry is: Can I make it to the summit?

Pals, wish my luck o!

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