Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bye bye Spring 2008!

Finally, the toughest time has passed. My last paper ended on yesterday 11.30pm, it is the longest test that I ever have, from 7pm to 11.30pm. And this is the most unique class that I ever had. We actually take class photo before our exam! When was the last time we had class photo? 10 years ago?

Today is my last day in M&M office, everything ended quietly and peacefully, just as what I always wanted - no wishy washy emotion flowing around.

It has been a great time in M&M, where we are all like one big family. Although I always give a blur face when someone lao Spanish, they always explain to me patiently what does it mean.

As for my professors, they are the nicest professors that any TA would want to work with.

As for why am I leaving this department? He he.. I have decided to take a new challenge as a coordinator of International Ambassadors Program. New challenge, new environment, new colleague, new experience and new excitement waiting for me ahead. One thing for sure, it will be an extraordinary one, because we ambassadors are the best!

And what is the thing that I most looking forward now?

Balik Kampung!

Malaysia/Singapore, here I come!

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