Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why accident rate is so high in El Paso

It has been 8 months that I drive in El Paso. Every day, I use the same route to my school, turn left, turn right, go to I-10, exit I-10 and there is my school.

Seems pretty easy route hor?


Ok, maybe not entirely wrong. The route is indeed easy, as in it's very difficult to miss a turn or an exit.

The driving experience itself is the challenging one.

Death toll in 2008 is already 14, average of 3 mati per month, in this quiet town. This is only death toll, haven't include the numerous severe road accidents. Every day, there is at least 1 road accident in the town. I am not joking, at least ONE.

I see this almost everyday.


Although I've not been driving for long, I can give a 2 hours presentation on 'Why accident rate is so high in El Paso'.

  1. Drink and drive is a norm here. If you don't drink and drive, you are abnormal.

  2. Talking on phone while driving is another norm here. Once I told my friend that I will call her back as I was on the road, she asked me why.

  3. The blinkers are just decorative accessories. Why should we use that since it's only for decorative purpose? I can just turn left or right as I want, without prior signaling.

  4. Refer to 3, it is totally fine if I signal left, and then I turn right.

  5. Refer to 4, it is perfectly alright too if I signal but I don't turn, because signal lights look flashy.

  6. When I am exiting from parking lot, it is your responsible to watch out for my butt, instead of I exit when the coast is clear. So if I happen to reverse when you are at my back, it's your fault.

  7. Speed limit means that that's the lowest speed to be on the road.

  8. It is ok if I stop in the middle of the highway when I am lost.

  9. I should cross from most left to most right lane (like 4 lanes) right before my exit.

  10. Come on, this is a Mexican car, do you expect me to follow US's rule?

If you think KL's traffic is bad enough, try El Paso.

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