Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sand ski?

I bet you heard of the typical snow ski, and water ski before. But, have you heard of sand ski?

Past few days have been hectic and busy. I have a final paper on Monday, but my best friend Min is visiting me over the weekend with her bf Jame. All the way from Malaysia to El Paso to visit me ler, I must be a good host to them.

I brought them to few places, including the sand ski place. Hmmm..maybe not really sand SKI, but maybe sliding on the sand?

This is the place we went on last Sunday, White Sands National Monument Park in New Mexico.

We spent 1 whole day there. Although the sun looked strong, but the wind was quite chilly so it wasn't too hot for us.

And the sands were perfectly clean white and fine. They look like snow from far.

And the most amazing thing is that the whole area is as big as Sentosa Island.

See Jame's gaya on the sands...

And our butt hitting butt...

Stop looking at my double chin!!!!

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Falcon said...

thats seems so cool!!