Friday, April 18, 2008

Phone, stay away from me!

As you may see from my recent posts, I have nothing much interesting event happening around me. Unless you count assignment an interesting event, then it's very happening now.

2 weeks to go before final exams. My best friend from Melaka, Siew Min is coming to visit me in El Paso next weekend. Finally, something to let me look forward to.

We used to be feud in early days of high school, fate has twist us into best friend ever. Imagine we went to same high school, same university, same hostel, same room, same ECA.... luckily, not the same guy.

I hate to stand beside her at any time. It makes me look much fatter and .... uglier.

The best picture I can find

Yet, I always enjoy her company with her contagious laughter and idiotic quote.

Ok, back to my sian job now. After leaving call centre for my MBA here, I thought I can stay away from a ringing phone, forever. (Did I tell you that I developed phone phobia after being a CSR?)

Fate again make a joke on me. Beside me now is my office phone, and it's ringing happily today.

Ok, you happy. Gua tak happy.

Phone, stay away from me!

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大 乱 交スマッシュブ ラジャーズ said...

ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww