Saturday, April 26, 2008

Internet is the greatest invention!

This feeling struck me really hard recently: Internet can do wonders!

Let me tell you why:

  1. My professor asked me to search for this person call Manuel Quinonez. It's really like searching for a needle in a sea. However, somehow some way, I did manage to get him within few days and accomplish my 007 mission.
    - Mission Accomplished -

  2. My 2nd uncle has 5 daughters. For the past 25 years we remained as 'far distant cousins' and 'rarely keep in touch'. In fact, I barely know the girl's name and how many girls he has actually. It was always like: Is it 5 girls? or 6 girls?

    Last week, I received an email from the eldest daughter. Subsequently, few of the girls are on my MSN list. Next moment, I am in a deep conversation with one of the girl, heart-to-heart type. And she calls me 'sis'. It is a strangest feeling that I ever had because I barely know my cousin and yet we can chat as if we are the closest sisters in the world.

Well, I am not saying that I dislike this virtual kind of relationship. It's just how peculiar Internet can change the relationship between two homosapiens. How I wish my parent-in-law know how to use Internet, maybe we can get closer in this e-world, just like how my parent and I did back in Singapore (long distant call very ex, ok?)

Come and think about it, Mr. LogHeadYap and I started from MSN messenger too.

Come and think about it again, how can you read my blog without Internet? Ha ha...

Can't imagine my life now without Internet. :s

Suddenly, my mind conjures an image of stone-age caveman.

Ok, a bit over. Can't help to think of cave because I am going for a pictograph (cave drawing) tour in Hueco Tanks tomorrow, with my best friend Siew Min!

Man, she follows me to everywhere. From Melaka to Singapore to El Paso.



~YM~ said...

nice photo, it looks like shoe mark though. u know, the upper half and lower half put side by side. X'D

Pink Leo said...

2 ~ym~: Ha ha...quite true, macam shoe mark.

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