Friday, April 04, 2008

Gigantic Strawberry

I love strawberry, especially with chocolate fondue.

Why? Strawberry is red, my favourite color. Strawberry makes me healthy and chocolate makes me happy.

And most important, Strawberry is heart shape.

A love within a love. So cute!

And today I saw the biggest strawberry in my life, as big as my fist!

In fact, it makes my fist looks smaller ler!

Hmm...if this gigantic strawberry can make my fist looks smaller, can I place it beside me, to make me look smaller?

I doubt it works. :(


ipohchai said...

wow! thats really one hell of a strawberry.
eat one already kenyang liao

Jan said...

really big strawberry
so cute.. the love shape
whr u buy it from?

Pink Leo said...

2 ipohchai: yeah, really kenyang! can replace 1 meal liao..

2 jan: I bought it at Albertson. The love shape is depends on how u cute the head off the strawberry. U can try at home o!