Friday, April 04, 2008

Fatty Pink Leo's diary

I am writing this to myself:

Jan 1 64.5
Jan 19 63
Mar 1 62.7
Apr 4 61.4

Just add (kgs) behind the figures, then that's my weight tracking record.

I tried various ways to slim down.

Eat less, failed.
Exercise more, failed.
No supper, failed.
No snacks, failed.

Nope, I didn't try any pills as I am afraid of any fatal effect.

Finally I found a way to force motivate myself to slim down - humiliate myself to the whole world.

I ain't feel good on revealing my weight and fat in this virtual world, especially when any Tom, Dick and Harry(literally) can see my fat and laugh at me:

"Ha ha ha...come see this ugly fat girl. Ha ha ha...."

Ok, I don't think I am an ugly girl. However 'fat' and 'ugly' always come in a pair. :(

Of course, I am not looking for drastic result like this...

Way too skinny for me. I guess Abu will cry if she sees me as skinny as this model.

And, nope. Definitely not this too...

I just want to be in right weight and right size, like this:

Wish me luck!

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