Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Black Sheep

If you have a black sheep in your group, it is frustrating enough. I considered myself lucky because this is my first time having a black sheep in my group, at the same time, I considered myself very unfortunate for having such a black sheep.

  1. This black sheep never attend any meeting, and no apology or reason given for not attending the meeting.

  2. This black sheep indeed done his part of work, however it's totally crap. It's like people asking you 'how are you', and you replies 'I have a pen'.

  3. Worst thing, we are already graduate student, yet this person can't even construct a simple sentence in English.

A social loafer he is, a new word I learnt from my recent class.

It really makes me wonder, how did this person get into this course?

I feel like telling my professor about his 'great job', should I?


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