Saturday, April 12, 2008

Abdomen ache 2

Today is the 3rd day since my abdomen start aching out of no reason. Fortunately, I feel much better. Not that I can run or fly, at least I can sleep soundly and walk in moderate speed.

On Wednesday after my post, the pain suddenly get so jialat until I nearly pengsan in office. Waiting no more, I rush (merely by walking at normal speed, because that's the best I can do) to the school clinic. There were only 2 patients waiting, so I suppose I can get into the room real soon. And then,

30mins gone... my pain get less jialat.

60mins gone... my pain get less less jialat.

90mins gone... my pain is reduced from scale 10 to 5.

At 91mins, a cute nurse (I guess she is a student from our Nursing department) calls my number and does some pre-examination, like weight lar (he he, 134.5 pounds = 61kgs), height lar, some basic questions such as:

Do you feel nausea?
Do you have fever?
Do you feel strong bowel movement?
When was your last intercourse?
How about intimate touch?

:S . Again the same funny questions . And when I say 'No' for the last 2 questions, the cute nurse gives me a face like 'what the f*ck? No?'.


Anyway, by the time my practitioner comes in, I don't feel strong ache anymore, but then, the moment she starts to examine my belly by 'press here press there', the pain gets high up to 10 again.

I nearly scold vulgar! @#(%#@($^

After few 'pressing', she says: I have to send you to emergency room. Because I don't know what is the cause of your pain.


Hello, you don't cin cai send someone to emergency room just because of 'I can't find out the cause'. ER is meant for people dying or ..... just died but we will try our best to revive his/her life.

And also, to ER means many $$$$$$$.

So I suggest to the practitioner:

You give me some interim solutions and I will see how in two days. If the pain persists, I will go to ER two days later (which is today lar).

And then, she bo bian gives me such solution: Give your stomach a rest.

Don't eat fruit (but can eat banana?)
Don't eat vegetable
Don't take dairy product
Drink lots of liquid like Gatorade, 7 up, coca cola etc with crackers

WAIT A MINUTE! Drink lots of liquid like Gatorade, 7 up, coca cola?

I bet by the time my belly ache is gone, my diabetic is here.


(P/S: I have also decided, if my pain doesn't go off by Friday, I will not come back to see this doctor again. NEVER!!!)