Wednesday, April 16, 2008

007 Mission - Finding 'Manuel Quinones'

My professor gives me a task today, to find this particular person with these clues:

The name sounds like 'mun-well-kin-your-nest'
Age about 40 or above
Residing in El Paso

This is a challenging task for me, moreover I am bad with name, Spanish name especially. I guess, first and foremost, I need to find out how to spell the name.

With helps from friendly colleagues, I manage to lock down my search with a proper name. And I name this task:

007 Mission - Finding 'Manuel Quinones'.

Sounds like Finding Nemo huh?

Well, 007 belongs to British. Since I am in a land of Uncle Sam, I shall be a CIA agent instead.

Ok, moi, a secret CIA, embarks a journey of finding Manuel Wuinones.

Mum-well-kick-your-nest, I am coming!

(Told you, I am bad with name)

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