Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sand ski?

I bet you heard of the typical snow ski, and water ski before. But, have you heard of sand ski?

Past few days have been hectic and busy. I have a final paper on Monday, but my best friend Min is visiting me over the weekend with her bf Jame. All the way from Malaysia to El Paso to visit me ler, I must be a good host to them.

I brought them to few places, including the sand ski place. Hmmm..maybe not really sand SKI, but maybe sliding on the sand?

This is the place we went on last Sunday, White Sands National Monument Park in New Mexico.

We spent 1 whole day there. Although the sun looked strong, but the wind was quite chilly so it wasn't too hot for us.

And the sands were perfectly clean white and fine. They look like snow from far.

And the most amazing thing is that the whole area is as big as Sentosa Island.

See Jame's gaya on the sands...

And our butt hitting butt...

Stop looking at my double chin!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Internet is the greatest invention!

This feeling struck me really hard recently: Internet can do wonders!

Let me tell you why:

  1. My professor asked me to search for this person call Manuel Quinonez. It's really like searching for a needle in a sea. However, somehow some way, I did manage to get him within few days and accomplish my 007 mission.
    - Mission Accomplished -

  2. My 2nd uncle has 5 daughters. For the past 25 years we remained as 'far distant cousins' and 'rarely keep in touch'. In fact, I barely know the girl's name and how many girls he has actually. It was always like: Is it 5 girls? or 6 girls?

    Last week, I received an email from the eldest daughter. Subsequently, few of the girls are on my MSN list. Next moment, I am in a deep conversation with one of the girl, heart-to-heart type. And she calls me 'sis'. It is a strangest feeling that I ever had because I barely know my cousin and yet we can chat as if we are the closest sisters in the world.

Well, I am not saying that I dislike this virtual kind of relationship. It's just how peculiar Internet can change the relationship between two homosapiens. How I wish my parent-in-law know how to use Internet, maybe we can get closer in this e-world, just like how my parent and I did back in Singapore (long distant call very ex, ok?)

Come and think about it, Mr. LogHeadYap and I started from MSN messenger too.

Come and think about it again, how can you read my blog without Internet? Ha ha...

Can't imagine my life now without Internet. :s

Suddenly, my mind conjures an image of stone-age caveman.

Ok, a bit over. Can't help to think of cave because I am going for a pictograph (cave drawing) tour in Hueco Tanks tomorrow, with my best friend Siew Min!

Man, she follows me to everywhere. From Melaka to Singapore to El Paso.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Black Sheep

If you have a black sheep in your group, it is frustrating enough. I considered myself lucky because this is my first time having a black sheep in my group, at the same time, I considered myself very unfortunate for having such a black sheep.

  1. This black sheep never attend any meeting, and no apology or reason given for not attending the meeting.

  2. This black sheep indeed done his part of work, however it's totally crap. It's like people asking you 'how are you', and you replies 'I have a pen'.

  3. Worst thing, we are already graduate student, yet this person can't even construct a simple sentence in English.

A social loafer he is, a new word I learnt from my recent class.

It really makes me wonder, how did this person get into this course?

I feel like telling my professor about his 'great job', should I?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A list student

Marian is an A list student, and today she will receive the award of Outstanding Graduate Student in Public Administration.

I am honoured to be invited to the convocation.

First, I am seated while waiting for a bunch of Harry Potter alike get ready.

And there is a sign language interpreter too!

To cut the long boring ceremony short, here is the main reason I am there:

2 seconds of glory, 2 years of hard work indeed.

Han was there too...

And fatty chubby Pink Leo!

Followed by light refreshment...

I love the blueberry, not the cream and tart.

I hope I will be the one receiving the award next year! If I do, I will invite you all to my convocation! Hee..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Phone, stay away from me!

As you may see from my recent posts, I have nothing much interesting event happening around me. Unless you count assignment an interesting event, then it's very happening now.

2 weeks to go before final exams. My best friend from Melaka, Siew Min is coming to visit me in El Paso next weekend. Finally, something to let me look forward to.

We used to be feud in early days of high school, fate has twist us into best friend ever. Imagine we went to same high school, same university, same hostel, same room, same ECA.... luckily, not the same guy.

I hate to stand beside her at any time. It makes me look much fatter and .... uglier.

The best picture I can find

Yet, I always enjoy her company with her contagious laughter and idiotic quote.

Ok, back to my sian job now. After leaving call centre for my MBA here, I thought I can stay away from a ringing phone, forever. (Did I tell you that I developed phone phobia after being a CSR?)

Fate again make a joke on me. Beside me now is my office phone, and it's ringing happily today.

Ok, you happy. Gua tak happy.

Phone, stay away from me!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bribe with USD100

Just now, someone offered a USD100 to Han for writing her final paper on her behalf.

She, a Mexican, asking a Malaysian Chinese to write an English paper?

I wanted to ask her....


Of so many locals, why Han?

007 Mission - Finding 'Manuel Quinones'

My professor gives me a task today, to find this particular person with these clues:

The name sounds like 'mun-well-kin-your-nest'
Age about 40 or above
Residing in El Paso

This is a challenging task for me, moreover I am bad with name, Spanish name especially. I guess, first and foremost, I need to find out how to spell the name.

With helps from friendly colleagues, I manage to lock down my search with a proper name. And I name this task:

007 Mission - Finding 'Manuel Quinones'.

Sounds like Finding Nemo huh?

Well, 007 belongs to British. Since I am in a land of Uncle Sam, I shall be a CIA agent instead.

Ok, moi, a secret CIA, embarks a journey of finding Manuel Wuinones.

Mum-well-kick-your-nest, I am coming!

(Told you, I am bad with name)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why accident rate is so high in El Paso

It has been 8 months that I drive in El Paso. Every day, I use the same route to my school, turn left, turn right, go to I-10, exit I-10 and there is my school.

Seems pretty easy route hor?


Ok, maybe not entirely wrong. The route is indeed easy, as in it's very difficult to miss a turn or an exit.

The driving experience itself is the challenging one.

Death toll in 2008 is already 14, average of 3 mati per month, in this quiet town. This is only death toll, haven't include the numerous severe road accidents. Every day, there is at least 1 road accident in the town. I am not joking, at least ONE.

I see this almost everyday.


Although I've not been driving for long, I can give a 2 hours presentation on 'Why accident rate is so high in El Paso'.

  1. Drink and drive is a norm here. If you don't drink and drive, you are abnormal.

  2. Talking on phone while driving is another norm here. Once I told my friend that I will call her back as I was on the road, she asked me why.

  3. The blinkers are just decorative accessories. Why should we use that since it's only for decorative purpose? I can just turn left or right as I want, without prior signaling.

  4. Refer to 3, it is totally fine if I signal left, and then I turn right.

  5. Refer to 4, it is perfectly alright too if I signal but I don't turn, because signal lights look flashy.

  6. When I am exiting from parking lot, it is your responsible to watch out for my butt, instead of I exit when the coast is clear. So if I happen to reverse when you are at my back, it's your fault.

  7. Speed limit means that that's the lowest speed to be on the road.

  8. It is ok if I stop in the middle of the highway when I am lost.

  9. I should cross from most left to most right lane (like 4 lanes) right before my exit.

  10. Come on, this is a Mexican car, do you expect me to follow US's rule?

If you think KL's traffic is bad enough, try El Paso.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When grandma goes to court

This is really funny. I hope the lawyer didn't die out of heart attack.

I am sorry if you can't see it if it's too small. Just click on it for larger image.


Abdomen ache 2

Today is the 3rd day since my abdomen start aching out of no reason. Fortunately, I feel much better. Not that I can run or fly, at least I can sleep soundly and walk in moderate speed.

On Wednesday after my post, the pain suddenly get so jialat until I nearly pengsan in office. Waiting no more, I rush (merely by walking at normal speed, because that's the best I can do) to the school clinic. There were only 2 patients waiting, so I suppose I can get into the room real soon. And then,

30mins gone... my pain get less jialat.

60mins gone... my pain get less less jialat.

90mins gone... my pain is reduced from scale 10 to 5.

At 91mins, a cute nurse (I guess she is a student from our Nursing department) calls my number and does some pre-examination, like weight lar (he he, 134.5 pounds = 61kgs), height lar, some basic questions such as:

Do you feel nausea?
Do you have fever?
Do you feel strong bowel movement?
When was your last intercourse?
How about intimate touch?

:S . Again the same funny questions . And when I say 'No' for the last 2 questions, the cute nurse gives me a face like 'what the f*ck? No?'.


Anyway, by the time my practitioner comes in, I don't feel strong ache anymore, but then, the moment she starts to examine my belly by 'press here press there', the pain gets high up to 10 again.

I nearly scold vulgar! @#(%#@($^

After few 'pressing', she says: I have to send you to emergency room. Because I don't know what is the cause of your pain.


Hello, you don't cin cai send someone to emergency room just because of 'I can't find out the cause'. ER is meant for people dying or ..... just died but we will try our best to revive his/her life.

And also, to ER means many $$$$$$$.

So I suggest to the practitioner:

You give me some interim solutions and I will see how in two days. If the pain persists, I will go to ER two days later (which is today lar).

And then, she bo bian gives me such solution: Give your stomach a rest.

Don't eat fruit (but can eat banana?)
Don't eat vegetable
Don't take dairy product
Drink lots of liquid like Gatorade, 7 up, coca cola etc with crackers

WAIT A MINUTE! Drink lots of liquid like Gatorade, 7 up, coca cola?

I bet by the time my belly ache is gone, my diabetic is here.


(P/S: I have also decided, if my pain doesn't go off by Friday, I will not come back to see this doctor again. NEVER!!!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Abdomen ache

I am sure you heard of headache and stomachache. How about abdomen ache?

This is happening to me now. Since yesterday, I constantly feel pain on my abdomen muscle whenever I walk, sit, stand, breath....and SLEEP. Yeah, even when I am asleep, I conciously feel the pain on my lower body. I hardly sleep well yesterday, can't toss on the bed too because everytime I turn my body, my abdomen hurts 10 times more.

What is happening to me?

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. Or else, I have to see doctor again, which is too much of hassle.

Damn, I can't even eat properly now.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Fatty Pink Leo's diary

I am writing this to myself:

Jan 1 64.5
Jan 19 63
Mar 1 62.7
Apr 4 61.4

Just add (kgs) behind the figures, then that's my weight tracking record.

I tried various ways to slim down.

Eat less, failed.
Exercise more, failed.
No supper, failed.
No snacks, failed.

Nope, I didn't try any pills as I am afraid of any fatal effect.

Finally I found a way to force motivate myself to slim down - humiliate myself to the whole world.

I ain't feel good on revealing my weight and fat in this virtual world, especially when any Tom, Dick and Harry(literally) can see my fat and laugh at me:

"Ha ha ha...come see this ugly fat girl. Ha ha ha...."

Ok, I don't think I am an ugly girl. However 'fat' and 'ugly' always come in a pair. :(

Of course, I am not looking for drastic result like this...

Way too skinny for me. I guess Abu will cry if she sees me as skinny as this model.

And, nope. Definitely not this too...

I just want to be in right weight and right size, like this:

Wish me luck!

Gigantic Strawberry

I love strawberry, especially with chocolate fondue.

Why? Strawberry is red, my favourite color. Strawberry makes me healthy and chocolate makes me happy.

And most important, Strawberry is heart shape.

A love within a love. So cute!

And today I saw the biggest strawberry in my life, as big as my fist!

In fact, it makes my fist looks smaller ler!

Hmm...if this gigantic strawberry can make my fist looks smaller, can I place it beside me, to make me look smaller?

I doubt it works. :(

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Top 10 Useless Body Parts

Top 10 Useless Body Parts

By The Science Channel

When you're sick you may feel that certain body parts are more trouble than they're worth. And in some cases, you'd be right. While the human body has evolved and adapted significantly since the caveman days, a few biological traces of our prehistoric ancestors still remain with us in the form of freeloading body parts we lug around with us, but have no use for. Take a gander at the top offenders!

10. Plica semilunaris
You may not know it, but you have a third eyelid. Pull open the two more noticeable eyelids and take a look -- it's located right in the corner by the tear duct. This small third eyelid is left over from what's known as a "nictitating membrane," which is still present in full form in some animals including chickens, lizards and sharks.

9. Body hair
No doubt we were once hairier. Up until about 3 million years ago, we were covered with body hair. But by the time Homo erectus arrived, the ability to sweat meant we could shed our woolly ways.

8. Sinuses
Doctors don't really know much about sinuses -- only that we have a lot of them. Possibilities for their function range from insulating our eyes to changing the pitch and tone of our voice.

7. Adenoids
Adenoids trap bacteria, but they're also prone to swelling and infection. Just ask any 7-year-old. Luckily, our adenoids shrink with age and are often removed, along with ...

Tonsillectomy (Image credit: © Microsoft Corporation)
6. Tonsils
Also prone to swelling and infection. If you still have them when you reach your 30s, it's almost an accomplishment.

5. Coccyx
More useful as a game-winning Scrabble word than as part of the anatomy, the coccyx or tailbone, is made up of several fused vertebrae left over from the olden days when we had tails.

4. Arrector pili
When we were hairier (see No. 9), the arrector pili made the hairs stand on end when we needed to appear bigger and scarier. Now, it just gives us goose bumps.

3. Wisdom teeth
Back in the day, when we ate mammoth meat off the bone and didn't floss afterward, our teeth tended to fall out. Therefore, when those reserve molars, aka "wisdom teeth," came in, they were welcomed. Nowadays, fluoride and dental plans have made them just a huge pain.

2. Appendix
Darwin claimed the appendix was useful for digestion during our early plant-eating years; it's dwindled down to little since we started eating more digestible foods.

So, what is the most useless body parts? Wanna take a guess?



Male nipples.

Because.....why? ha ha ha ha....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool!

1 hour to 1 Apr, and now I am studying for my accounting test tomorrow.

How I wish tomorrow's test is one of the fool?

Professor: Now, I am going to announce that today's test is a fool. Happy April's Fool!

Me: Hurray! Hurray! (Jump onto the desk) Hurray! Hurray!.......

Suddenly, I found myself on my bed. Huh? That was just a dream? Alamak...