Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shouldn't the government stabilise the country instead of making more chaos?

My question of the day: Shouldn't the government stabilise the country instead of making more chaos?

Group protests outside S’gor secretariat

Police disperse protestors in Penang (update 2)

Looking back at my beloved Malaysia from far West, it's heart aching to see Umno initiating protests in Malaysia.

I mean, regardless of ruling or opposition party, isn't that your main mission to maintain our country's stability?

Why are they doing so? Have they forget their goal? Moreover 'I am willing to listen, says Guan Eng'.

Although they were peace protests (luckily, amitabha!), somehow I feel that this possess a possible threat to the safety and stability of Malaysia.

I just cannot understand. Can someone enlighten me?

Of course, please correct me if I am wrong. I just making comment on personal view, it's hard to me to get full details of Malaysia especially I am in the far West.


Khairul H. said...

No, I don't see this as posing a threat to the stability to M'sia. These are just some shell shocked people from UMNO taking advantage of Lim Guan Eng's slight boo-boo when he said he will end the NEP in Penang. I said it's a boo-boo because if he didn't say that, I doubt there will be a protest. UMNO was just waiting for a reason to create havoc. Fortunately, no havoc occured because only 1,000 protested in Penang and only 100 in Selangor. Furthermore, the Penang Chinese ignored them and did not counter protested (which could have escalated to a race riot which was what UMNO wanted).

Plus, did you see the photos in Penang? The FRU stood by and did nothing. When BA had street protests, we were tear gassed and beaten and arrested. DOUBLE STANDARDS!

jwlaw83 said...

In other point of view, you can say that under Lim Guan Eng, they don't use tear gasses for the peace protest such as this.

I believe we need to give the new government some time to solve current problem that they faced. Let's see what they are able to do, since we have promise a 5 years probation period for them to grow.

Pink Leo said...

2 jwlaw83: Yeah, time can prove everything. We've waited 50 years, I don't mind the 5 years. :p.

2 khairul: That is a very interesting comment you have there. I agree that UMNO is taking advantage to create havoc. Luckily there is no bloodshed. Well, I would like to see the photos in Penang but I didn't come across any of them. Do you have it? I would really like to see it, please. :)