Friday, March 07, 2008

No chewing gum in Singapore

Sorry to my friends in Singapore, I can have chewing gum here. See what I bought just now...

A Bubble Gum machine!

It's my turn to do presentation about Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow. No chewing gum in Singapore always leave my audience a very deep impression.Every time when I say this, my audience will give me ' what the f*ck' kind of comment.

Speaking about chewing gum ban in human-right U.S.A., you know...

Anyway, this is really a cool bubble gum machine. Kids sure like it!

Well, I admit I am a big kid.

As well as Han, another big kid!

his expression: I am cool with bubble gum.

yeah! I got a bubble gum.

I know, we are lame. But who care?

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