Monday, March 10, 2008

Moi, une Lab Rat.

Today I started my journey of being a lab rat.

Few days ago I saw this in notice board:

Without hesitation, I email Pradeep to be a volunteer of his research. This is just-in-time training for my KK trip. I've been going to gym 2 times per week, to strengthen my stamina and my feet. However, the result is not promising.

At the same time, I spread the news among my friends to see who are keen on joining me. The responses were encouraging, that I have 2 friends are into this program with me.

So today we went to the state-of-art lab for a pre-test. Just then, I suddenly realize, I am going to be a lab rat now! :S

Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. It's not that kind of research. I will be still in a piece after the program.

First, I gotta warm up myself a bit...

Then, I am tied secured on the testing seat, just like Marian.

Cheerful lab rat.

Lastly, Ready, Get Set, Action!

Go go go go go...faster faster faster faster..

Kao, you think I am really a lab rat meh?

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the rat race!!! -xing xing

Pink Leo said...

2 Mr.Mah: Yeah, me racing hard now... (breathing heavily)...ha ha..

Ms Da said...

hahah... ling that lab rat pix is reallly cute and funny!

anyway love your new hairstyle! Kirei! Swee... anyway to encourage you on... you really lost weight! i'm serious...

Pink Leo said...

2 ms da: kamsahamida! I guess we never seen a fat lab rat so far right? hahahaha... still a long way to go before I am as good as Lin Chiling. :)