Friday, March 14, 2008

Mastering Dinner Etiquette

Today we all (the International Ambassador) dress in business attire, we all look like VIP.

Why do we all dress up? So dai zan zheong?

Today, we are taught on how to 'eat' - Mastering Dinner Etiquette.

The topics today are:

  1. Arrivals, Introductions & Seating

  2. The Formal Place Meeting

  3. Ordering the Meal

  4. Food Service

  5. Food Service

  6. Closing the the Meal

  7. Basic Dining Tips

  8. Etiquette Quotes

  9. Suggested Readings and Websites

Frankly speaking, conclusion for 3 hours long of dinner - This is the most torturing dinner that I ever had (paiseh, gua is chor lor lang). Worst than when you are seated in a table full of strangers during wedding dinner.

Mastering dinner etiquette is meant to increase your chance to success in interview or business. Seriously, is there a problem if we just talk about business or interview in mamak stall? Save money save time and definitely, save any unnecessary 'faking'.

Ah, missed out, better food too.

My take home message for the day?


dai zan zheung: (Cantonese)big deal
paiseh, gua is chor lor lang: (Hokkien) I am sorry, I am an ill-mannered person.
mamak stall: traditionally roadside stalls that mainly serve Indian Muslims food, which can be found in almost every corner of Malaysia.

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