Monday, March 03, 2008

Marching on to be a better person.

To make sure I am serious on my new year resolution, I guess I better review it every 1 to 2 months, instead of once per year.

You know, most of us set resolution on 1 Jan and review it only at 31 December 11.59pm. Then you repeat the same resolution on the next minute and review it 364days later, then there go again the same process.

Sound familiar?

Now I want to break this process, so let me see how far have I reach toward my resolution:

  1. Slim down from 64.5kgs to 55kgs before my Gunung Kinabalu trip on early May. 9.5kgs within 4 months, approximately 2.375 kgs per month, 600 grams per week, sound easy right?


    Based on my plan, I should weight 59.75kgs by now. See how heavy I am now...

    scarily 62.7kgs

    I am about 3kgs lag from my plan, which means I have to make up 3 kgs more within 1 month = to loss 5.3kgs within 31 days. By end of Mar, I should weight at 57.4kgs.

    (Deep swallow)

  2. I want to be a beauty!

    2 major areas that I need to fix: four-eyes and dracula teeth.
    2 minor areas to correct: messy hair + double chin.

    Hopefully I can save enough $$ to do lasik surgery by May. As for my dracula teeth, I can only fix it (by braces) after I graduated.

    I can get rid of double chin once I achieve resolution 1, while tie my hair up to keep it neat and tidy.

  3. Maintain my full A scorecard. I am ranging in between A and B now, and I have 1 exam in coming every week until end March. Jia you!

  4. Sleep more. I am doing a very good job on this. :)

  5. Strike lottery. Well, I did win $7 lotto, but that's not my definition of 'strike lottery'. I mean the hundred over million jackpot. No luck so far, and my wealth is declining by $10 per week for betting lotto. :(

Only 40% are kept up-to-date. Guess I have lots of work to do, huh.

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